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Take Yourself to Summer School

Published August 2, 2015 7:09 PM by Glen McDaniel

I was speaking to a friend who was complaining about how busy and tired she was this summer. In addition to working full time on the evening shift she has been shuttling kids to activities and summer camp. She has a seriously packed schedule which starts early in the morning and goes all day..


“I can’t wait for the kids to go back to school,” she bemoaned. "The kids are out of school, but it's like I am in summer school."


Her schedule is such that  sometimes it’s not worth her while to go all the home between “pick ups” and “drop offs.”


Having had a long commute years ago where I worked 140 miles from home and only made it home on weekends, I developed ways of occupying myself during the drive. I listened to books on tape, MBA audio lectures and even studied lines for whatever community theater play I happened to be in at the time.


The bigger point is that down times, long commutes, or those annoying wait times can be turned into opportunities for acquiring new knowledge and skills.


If you have been placed on the night shift and have downtimes  when you twiddle your thumbs, that’s a great opportunity to study for an online degree or learn some new skill in another laboratory department. If you work on weekends and have odd weekdays off, those are the best days to pamper yourself, have alone time and run errands when most of the world is at work.


But back to my friend shuttling the kids. She found a park close to the center where her daughter does dance; so she often takes the opportunity to walk and get some exercise in. For some reason she never learned to ride a bike really well, and has now made friends with a lady who is teaching her to ride a bike, while her new friend’s teenage son is teaching her to skateboard (!) in exchange for English lessons. It’s like she is now in her own Summer school-and enjoying every minute of it. How cool is that?


Those are pretty simple examples. But you can always use inconvenient times to your benefit. Just look around and see how you can fill those moments not simply with with busy-work, but with something worthwhile; something that will add value to your own life.


Try it and see the difference it makes.


I agree  wholeheartedly. I have faced many changes over the years and I find that some will argue and fight all the way. I have learned to go with the flow to keep my blood pressure down and to make for a happier life.

I try to see the good in everything, however stressful or inconvenient it may be.

Tyson Taylor, MTll August 8, 2015 9:43 PM
Louisville KY

Very good idea. If you think about it it's  like what we do when we are working in the lab, we multitask so we don't waste time and we occupy the time while every thing gets done on the shift.

But it is  a new twist to use spare time or too-quiet times or even boring times to do something good for yourself. This is a very good idea.

Micelena T, August 2, 2015 8:29 PM
McAllen TX

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