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September 2008 - Posts

Stepwise Success

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
September 25, 2008 9:22 AM by Scott Warner
Below snakes, Americans fear public speaking more than anything else, according to a Gallup poll . It's a fear that stands out on a list fraught with danger. Snakes and dogs bite, after all, and people fall from heights. But talking ? I'm lucky -- I actually Read More...
Great Ideas
September 22, 2008 10:39 AM by Scott Warner
Where do great ideas come from? One group may brainstorm to solve a problem; another may ask peers to find out what already works. In a creative environment, one idea sparks another as a group works together to discover a unique solution. This is not Read More...
Meeting Fatigue
September 15, 2008 4:02 PM by Scott Warner
The other day at work, I joked we needed to form a committee to appoint a sub-committee to develop an agenda for yet a third committee that would, in time, determine the definition of 2 p.m. We all waste time in non-productive meetings when we could be Read More...
Taboo Chatter
September 8, 2008 9:26 AM by Scott Warner
Our hospital has a new policy of "no politics" at work. Apparently, it's offensive to openly display party affiliations or candidate propaganda (think lapel pins). Chatter about politics is taboo. No buttons or banners makes sense, but talking seems harmless. Read More...
Plan an Open House
September 3, 2008 4:49 PM by Scott Warner
A housekeeper once asked me, "What is it you do in the lab?" Her curiosity seemed genuine. I gave her a tour, which got me thinking. What is the laboratory? To patients, it is a phlebotomist and drawing station. To nurses, it is phlebotomists or technologists Read More...


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