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August 2010 - Posts

Stepwise Success

Problem Solving
August 27, 2010 6:08 AM by Scott Warner
Amazon sells Becoming a Problem Solving Genius, Problem Solving 101, The Art and Craft of Problem Solving, Rapid Problem Solving with Post-It Notes, Problem Solving and Comprehension, Problem-Solving Strategies, Problem Solving Through Recreational Mathematics, Read More...
Space for Work
August 23, 2010 6:12 AM by Scott Warner
Two years ago, we renovated our small lab. Our workstations were around a central “clean” area for paperwork that had become a junk collector; different departments couldn’t see each other; inaccessible counters were used for storage. We removed filing Read More...
Rude Emails
August 18, 2010 6:28 AM by Scott Warner
I don’t think I’m overly sensitive to rudeness. It is a part of life. There are always jerks who gleefully cut you off in traffic, butt in line, glare when you smile, and who are short, discourteous, or vulgar. Thankfully, they are rare. But rude emails Read More...
August 13, 2010 6:03 AM by Scott Warner
A large patient arrives at the laboratory after hours to have blood drawn. She slowly follows the only tech on duty down a short hallway and around a corner to a phlebotomy area. The tech hesitates as the patient studies a narrow drawing chair. She turns Read More...
Sign Here
August 9, 2010 6:08 AM by Scott Warner
Unsure if requisitions require signatures? The Federal Register for July 13th has this interesting proposal from CMS: We are proposing to require a physician's or NPP's* signature on requisitions for clinical diagnostic laboratory tests paid on the basis Read More...
A Tale of Two Smears
August 4, 2010 6:06 AM by Scott Warner
Two sputum Gram stains tell different stories. The first is loaded with white cells and Gram positive cocci, the blood plate overrun with staph. The second has a few white cells and mixed flora, and the plates show some staph colonies without predominant Read More...


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