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September 2012 - Posts

Stepwise Success

Change for the Sake of Change
September 28, 2012 6:10 AM by Scott Warner
People love change if it maintains the status quo or makes things better. The canard that people “resist” change ignores these two cases. For example, if your administration said, “Your benefits next year will change to a new carrier but they will stay Read More...
The Shock of the New
September 24, 2012 6:02 AM by Scott Warner
Art critic Robert Hughes recently passed. I vividly recall watching his documentary series on public television, The Shock of the New , about the rise and fall of the modern art movement. I recorded the series, along with Monty Python’s Flying Circus Read More...
Tell the Truth
September 19, 2012 6:11 AM by Scott Warner
The flip side of liars at work is, of course, telling the truth. We’re a culture so obsessed with liars -- at least until November 6th! -- that it’s worthwhile to simplify the issue. Lying ranges from a wee fib about someone’s new doo to sink testing Read More...
Liars At Work
September 14, 2012 7:21 AM by Scott Warner
There are two ways to take this blog: liars AT WORK, meaning colleagues who do their work by lying about it; LIARS at work, meaning those who fib regardless. Fibbers range from exaggerators (their parties are the best, their kids are the brightest, they Read More...
Who Reads Online Procedures?
September 10, 2012 6:05 AM by Scott Warner
If your procedures are online (I added the word “online” to the title of this blog, because it seems like a more interesting question), it’s easy to track clicks to know who reads what. But IT geeks who love online procedures don’t use aging eyes to flick Read More...
Greener Grass
September 5, 2012 6:14 AM by Scott Warner
Wolfgang Mieder, folklore professor at the University of Vermont, wrote in De Proverbio that the American proverb “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” should be old but isn’t. Its earliest appearance in print is 1957, although Read More...


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