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The Next Big Thing

Published December 26, 2012 6:22 AM by Scott Warner

I would have never guessed five years ago that we would be carrying around phones as powerful as our desktop computers in our pockets. Samsung’s “The Next Big Thing” touts the size of their Galaxy S III in comparison to the new iPhone, mocking awestruck Apple customers. A Samsung executive explained, “As marketers we’re focused on educating consumers.”

Apple fans may disagree, but it’s a good campaign that crafts an image of the competition as a false innovator. Like all good advertising, it presents a skewed view of a product but at the same time educates consumers.

What is “The Next Big Thing” for your laboratory? Do you have a chance to market and educate your consumers?

For example, if you are in a small hospital you may have a set of patients that prefers to go to a bigger hospital. Bigger means better: better technology, better talent, better care. Bigger may mean more services, but as techs we all know the care and results can be just as good in small laboratories. Selling this can be a marketing campaign for 2013 designed to bring in new business. With the price of gasoline still hovering around four bucks a gallon, you might be selling something patients want.

Physicians have prejudices, too. They may prefer certain tests, methods, or reference laboratories. There are always opportunities to educate physicians on laboratory testing, which is constantly changing, but perhaps a marketing campaign can bring new referrals. You may have docs in your service area who don’t know what your lab does, especially if you’re bringing in new technology.

Finally, management can market itself. Most organizations articulate their mission poorly, in my experience. A mission describes what an organization does in concise, pithy language. Making this an internal marketing campaign is a cheap, effective form of team building that really works. Patients and family members see it, too.

I’ll bet your customers don’t realize the next big thing is already here. Why not tell them in 2013?

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posted by Scott Warner


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