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June 2014 - Posts

Stepwise Success

Do You Work For a Bully?
June 30, 2014 6:03 AM by Scott Warner
Remarkably, 54 million Americans have been bullied at some point in their careers, either peer to peer or from a boss. Writes author Sherri Gordon in About, “Many times people don’t even realize that their boss is bullying them. Instead, they falsely Read More...
A Better Marker for DKA
June 25, 2014 6:04 AM by Scott Warner
The nitroprusside test typically performed with a Bayer Acetest tablet is a laboratory classic. It’s one of the first tests I learned. In the nitroprusside reaction, acetoacetic acid, a serum or urine ketone, reacts with sodium nitroferricyanide and glycine Read More...
Better Counting
June 20, 2014 6:11 AM by Scott Warner
We do a lot of counting in the laboratory: white blood cells, abnormal red cells, urine formed elements, and microbiology colony counts. I’ve worked in labs where these are precise, for example, reporting urine microscopic red cells as rare, few, 0-1, Read More...
Are You Recognized?
June 16, 2014 6:01 AM by Scott Warner
Being recognized for what we do is an essential human need. We appreciate a thank you, acknowledgement, or praise at work. The giver and receiver benefit from a sincere “Thanks!” Whether the effort is big or small -- sometimes the smallest things matter Read More...
When the House Manager Calls
June 11, 2014 6:13 AM by Scott Warner
Wouldn’t you know it, the one time in six months I’m in Bangor having dinner with friends I get a phone call. The restaurant is noisy, so I have to walk out to the parking lot to hear. It’s the hospital. “Scott, this is Jane the house manager. Your lab Read More...
Is Your Lab Open or Closed?
June 6, 2014 6:06 AM by Scott Warner
Business models tend to influence paradigms. Open office plans have been around since the 1950s and are in seventy percent of all businesses. The idea is simple: if workers can see each other and don’t have walls between them, creativity and productivity Read More...
A Better Blood Bank History
June 2, 2014 6:09 AM by Scott Warner
Blood bank is a dangerous department. Giving a patient the wrong unit of red cells can be fatal, something all techs who work in blood bank worry about. I’ve seen this happen once in my career. Truth is we don’t know how often this really happens, since Read More...


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