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July 2015 - Posts

Stepwise Success

On Call Providers
July 29, 2015 7:23 AM by Scott Warner
Laboratories have policies about what and when to call results to providers. Usually, these are critical values or those that significantly delay treatment e.g. a positive antibody screen in the blood bank. We all have at least one story about that time Read More...
Faster Troponins
July 24, 2015 6:16 AM by Scott Warner
At a meeting our QI director at that time pulled out a folder and told me, “These are your troponin turnaround times.” It showed hardly any times under 60 minutes, an industry consensus. Most of the times were over 90 minutes. When I returned to the laboratory Read More...
Scheduling Vacations
July 20, 2015 10:54 AM by Scott Warner
It makes sense for an employer to encourage employees to use their time off. It also makes sense to be as fair as possible. And here’s where it gets interesting. As a bench tech you may feel that your vacation time is arbitrarily denied or other techs Read More...
How Many Vacations?
July 15, 2015 12:40 PM by Scott Warner
Vacation time - PTO (paid time off) or ETO (earned time off) - is a benefit offered by many organizations. There are no federal regulations regarding what employers should do, but most who offer it do so on a seniority scale. The longer you work at an Read More...
This Summer, Stay Hydrated
July 10, 2015 10:55 AM by Scott Warner
Summer is hot, even in Maine. We do more outside, stay outside for longer periods of time, and sweat more. Employees may exercise by walking a lunch break or may sit outside during breaks and meals to enjoy the weather. Laboratory environments can be Read More...
Catalase Oddities
July 6, 2015 6:34 AM by Scott Warner
Catalase is an enzyme present in many living cells responsible for breaking down hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) into water (H 2 O) and oxygen (O 2 ). It prevents peroxide, a byproduct of many reactions, from damaging cells. Catalase is also used in food Read More...
Texting at Work
July 1, 2015 6:13 AM by Scott Warner
Consultant Rebecca Mazin complains on the website All Business, “I have personally noted many examples of flagrant, highly inappropriate workplace texting.” What about your laboratory? Chances are, it’s happening regardless of policy enforcement. A 2011 Read More...


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