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Confirmation Bias
October 21, 2016 3:19 PM by Scott Warner
A catch-all for errors is to blame them on “human error.” Human error is seen as inevitable, unpredictable, and common to us all. We forget, get distracted, make judgment errors, draw false conclusions, overlook the obvious, and make other mistakes. It’s Read More...
The Power of Listening
October 10, 2016 3:43 PM by Scott Warner
Most people are aware of the difference between hearing and listening. And as we know, most of the time we pretend to listen while we’re thinking of the next thing we’re going to say. Listening can be hard work, because it requires focus. It is an essential Read More...
Charge Reconciliation
September 28, 2016 3:32 PM by Scott Warner
Here’s a reality check: if we don’t get paid, the doors don’t stay open. Sure, that’s the problem of the billing office, collection agencies, and insurance companies. Bench techs don’t need to worry about that stuff. Right? Depends on who you ask, I guess. Read More...
Is Lab Morale Plummeting?
September 9, 2016 6:06 AM by Scott Warner
Low morale, to paraphrase Justice Stewart, can be hard to define but we all know it when we see it. But unhappy employees, obvious or not, who are overstressed and overworked can cause a lot of problems: increased absenteeism, short tempers, poor customer Read More...
To Cut Costs, Change
July 1, 2016 6:20 AM by Scott Warner
These days it’s all about change. I have heard a constant drumbeat for the last thirty years that change is the only constant we can count on. The only thing more constant than change is the need to cut costs. Now that laboratories are becoming cost centers Read More...
Do Doctors Read Comments?
June 18, 2016 6:40 AM by Scott Warner
Laboratories add comments to reports, some of which are informative e.g. CRITICAL VALUE REPEATED and others that are interpretive e.g. explaining the meaning and utility of the MDRD estimated GFR equation. It is the latter that brought me to this current Read More...
Justifying Staff
May 31, 2016 6:41 AM by Scott Warner
These days it’s all about shortages. Shortages of techs, shortages of patients, and shortages of money. In small hospitals there are fewer of us working with fewer patients for less money. Those who are working are older than the average worker, are wondering Read More...
Moving That Needle
April 21, 2016 3:15 PM by Scott Warner
One of the phrases I hear lately is “we need to move the needle,” meaning enough effort has to be put into change to not just make it stick, but change what matters. This might be customer satisfaction scores, test volumes, or cost containment. If there’s Read More...
Are You Getting Paid?
April 4, 2016 4:53 PM by Scott Warner
The laboratory is a unique clinical department. The possible tests and their associated billable codes that are routinely ordered day in and day out can number in the thousands or even tens of thousands. The big moving target is referral lab testing, Read More...
Critical Time Limits
March 7, 2016 5:59 AM by Scott Warner
The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal 2 is to improve communication. For a laboratory, this means reporting critical results on a timely basis. Labs have to define critical results, by whom and to whom they are reported, and an acceptable Read More...
Who Can You Follow?
February 18, 2016 6:29 PM by Scott Warner
According to one site, 1 in 40 adults (about 2.3% of the US population) suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder. While it’s a serious condition that can be treated and is no laughing matter, I can’t help musing if the percentage of lab techs with OCD Read More...
Looking Ahead
January 6, 2016 6:00 AM by Scott Warner
Each new year brings change after a season of excess. At home it’s time to hit the gym, dust off the exercise bike, and put the juicer back on the kitchen counter. At work it’s time to bundle up 2015, discard old records, and think about planning vacations Read More...
Looking Back at 2015
December 24, 2015 6:05 AM by Scott Warner
“Our dilemma,” said the American journalist Sydney Harris, “is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better.” Ain’t that the truth. The holiday season is a time for loved ones to Read More...
Who Enjoys Confrontation?
December 21, 2015 6:05 AM by Scott Warner
We are living in weird times. Our schools label any form of visible aggression as “bullying,” forcing natural behavior to go underground where lessons cannot be taught by elders. Workplaces are filled with buzzwords such as empowerment, team building, Read More...
We’re All in This Together
December 2, 2015 5:56 AM by Scott Warner
An “us versus them” attitude is common in all workplaces. Lab techs don’t understand nurses or nurses don’t understand lab techs. I’ve heard techs whine many times over the years, “If only the nurses could come down here and watch what we do for a day.” Read More...


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