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Patients Rally for NP

Published November 30, 2009 9:16 AM by Jennifer Ford

Nova Scotia NP Karen Snider was fired from her position a month ago, and the media and the community are rallying behind her because they feel the reasons were unjust.

According to a news report (and this one as well), Snider made comments about the need for a full-time office staffperson to help manage the growing number of patients the South West Nova district health authority was seeing daily. After that, she was fired. Then, when she appealed to have her job reinstated, the health authority said they might consider doing so if she assumed guilt by making a formal apology, to be published in three newspapers and shared with the public. Here's what a health committee liaison said in the Chronicle Herald:

"We have a perfectly capable health practitioner who’s going to leave Nova Scotia (and) we don’t feel a proper replacement is going to come in.

"She was liked by the people. The people felt they were being properly looked after. The clinic was working better than it’s worked since it was established there.

The problem may have originated when the nurse practitioner commented locally in a community newsletter about how a clinic receptionist-clerk should be given full-time hours because more than 20 patients a day were often being seen.

"So the nurse practitioner made the case . . . (for) full-time funding by going directly to the public to argue for good health care for the islands," Andy Moir of the Islands health liaison committee said in an earlier interview.

 The community supports Snider wholeheartedly - the residents of the area started a blog tracking the events related to Snider's job. "Save Our Nurse" includes a calendar of events, letters of support for Snider, and links to news reports. They hope to help Snider get her job back.

"Too bad our health care is left to hoping," said one blog contributor.


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