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Virtual Mentor Misleads

Published March 12, 2010 12:00 PM by Michelle Perron

AMA Columnist Takes Bad Aim at NPs

I'm glad that Stephen Ferrara, NP, took the bait. Ferrara is a family nurse practitioner in New York, and he writes a blog called "A Nurse Practitioner's View." Yesterday he posted his thoughtful commentary on a column published by the AMA's "virtual mentor," Randy Wexler, MD, MPH. Check out Ferrara's post here and Wexler's post here.

Ferrara opens his post by saying that he's resisted responding to every casual and misleading commentary about NPs of late, but this one just went too far. He makes some excellent points about how the AMA column misrepresented data about NP practice. Much of what Wexler wrote seems to echo the 2009 AMA document that sought to portray the organization's wish list for NP scope of practice. But as the national nurse practitioner organizations have already pointed out, the AMA has no authority over the scope of practice for another profession.


The AMA is responsible for the shortage of primary care MDs. In order to keep salaries high, the AMA restricts entry into medical schools through some bogus standards in to get into medical school. It is not about MDs being better educate, trained, etc.. It is about an income protection racket.

It is more about the cartel by license than patient safety, satisfaction, outcomes, etc....

March 12, 2010 2:54 PM

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