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Women’s Health NP Salaries

Published March 15, 2010 9:56 AM by Jill Rollet
I got a phone call this morning from a women's health NP and midwife in Tallahassee who was about to walk into salary negotiations. She was afraid her practice was trying to lowball her.

But it turns out that the going rate for women's health NPs is quite a bit lower than for other specialties -- in fact, it's number 18 out of 21 full-time specialty categories. The top paying specialty in our 2009 survey of almost 6,000 nurse practitioners was aesthetics/skin care with an average annual salary of $105,152 (median $100,000); NPs in family practice, number 15 on our list, netted only $86,520 on average (median $83,000). Women's health NPs made even less -- their average annual salary was $83,319 ($80,000 median).

You can find these specialty numbers here and the entire report here.

My caller was interested in what NPs in Tallahassee make. Unfortunately, not enough women's health NPs from the city filled out the survey to provide a meaningful estimate. I could tell her only that NPs in the area made $95,083 on average (median $80,500) and that women's health NPs in Florida made an average annual salary of $77,498 (median $79,194).

So first, here's a plug for filling out the next survey, in 2011. The more NPs who fill out the survey, the more refined our estimates can get.

And second, why do women's health NPs earn lower salaries?


Thank you for this article. I'm a new graduate and in my job hunting process I too wondered if I was being "low-balled". The figures I was given were sometimes insulting. I have no idea why our specialty gets less compensation, but it sure is frustrating!

Marisa , WHNP July 26, 2010 2:05 PM
Canton MS

Thanks for the memory!

March 16, 2010 10:16 AM

We make less because of our history.  We were one of the earliest NP groups.  I got my certificate in 1980.  These programs were certificate programs many of them sponsored by Title 10  (?)and Planned Parenthood and regional Family Planning Councils.  There were no or few degree Women's Health  degree programs at that time.  The RN level of training could be any one: diploma, ADN and BSN.   Most of us were sponsored by a public Health Department, a Planned Parentood or other Family planning Program . In my program we did have a few Private sector students.  One woman worked for a bank employee heath program in New York City.

we did these programs because we believed in what we were doing.  Most of us were motivated by interesting work not high salary.  I think my first job paid $8 per hours.

Times have changed!!

March 15, 2010 10:47 AM

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