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300 Strong at Florida Rally

Published March 26, 2010 10:19 AM by Jennifer Ford

Just two days after the Rally at Tally, Jean Aertker, NP, of the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network, reported back to ADVANCE with some details from the "front lines."

"It was very successful, and I hope you can send out a cheer to the 300 NPs who gathered in Tally March 24 - The signs and white coats were able to sell our message to all but the House chairman Nick Thompson!" She explained that Thompson refused to hear their case because he had not heard from his own constituents that NP prescribing of controlled substances was a necessity. "As he plans to leave the House after this session, and vies for an elected judge position in Lee County, we all wonder how a man who will need to balance the scales of justice will bring fair and balanced opinions to his county if he takes only one side of the argument."

There were many groups in rally form in Tallahassee on Wednesday, Aertker said, and an education bill received the largest spotlight. "Bottom line, we have more work to do to convince the legislators who are unfamiliar or unwilling to listen to us. 13,500 voices must rise and get more attention. This was a good thing."

FNPN met with leadership in both House and Senate, and budget was clearly top priority for the state. "We countered that this bill is needed to save dollars ... we can save Florida millions of health care dollars."

Here are some links to the news media coverage of the rally:


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