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Some Informal Stats on New Grads and NP Students

Published April 13, 2010 9:23 AM by Jill Rollet
Two weeks ago I wrote about some preliminary results of our ongoing survey of new grads and NP students. Specifically, 58% of those respondents said they do not plan to earn a DNP degree in the future. Now, with 76 responses, 51% say they will not pursue a DNP degree, even though that degree will be required for all new NPs very soon (starting in 2015).

Some other interesting findings from the survey so far are below:

  • 70% say they belong to a national, state or local NP professional organization.
  • 37% say that none or almost none of their NP program is/was online, and 34% say that all or almost all of their NP program is/was online.
  • 42% say their program requires students to find their own preceptors.
  • 22% had 0 to 2 years experience as an RN before entering an NP program, 24% had 3 to 5 years, and 14% had more than 20 years.
  • 85% say they are pretty confident or very confident in their ability to perform in the NP role.
  • 58% say they have an NP mentor. 

We've been conducting the survey of recent (since 2008) grads and students since the beginning of April. If that's you, please fill out the survey here. You can see how others responded at the end of the survey.


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