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The Nurse Practitioner "Sacred Cow"

Published June 25, 2010 3:07 PM by Jennifer Ford

AANP director of health policy Jan Towers, NP, addressed acrowd of several thousand yesterday at the 25th anniversary conference of AANP, with much to report on legislation that affectsNPs. After the session I caught up with Mona Counts, NP, who has served inalmost every leadership role for AANP. She agreed with Towers’ message thatalthough nurse practitioners are becoming a more familiar face, NPs mustcontinue educating the public and policymakers about their impact onhealthcare.

“The sacred cow has been opened,” she said – but that’s justa starting point. Be sure to stay current on legislation affecting NPs on alocal and national level, so that NPs are included to the fullest extent oftheir training in the healthcare of this country. Towers implored attendees to contact their legislators to ask them to support S 2814/HR 4993, which would change Federal statute to allow NPs to order home health care for Medicare patients. Senator  Susan Collins from Maine and Representative Allyson Schwartz from Pennsylvania have introduced the bill into Congress, and it currently has 50 cosponsors, but Towers says she hopes for 100 cosponsors by August for a strong bill.





So, that's a registered nurse, you have to have a deerge, either 2 year, which is associates, 4 year, bachelors which is the best minimum education a nurse should have, and extra 2 to however many for a nurse practitioner. An associates deerge is still acceptable and I am able to take the same test as a bachelor graduate, but more education is better. Some facilities don't take associates deerge, just some though.As a nurse practitioner, you will have a specialty, many of them to choose from such as family NP, pediatric NP, Psych NP, etc. You are able to prescribe meds, just as the others have said. NP's usually work with an MD. Some states allow NP's to work independently, meaning you can have your own Nurse practitioner clinic, like a doctor's clinic. NP's are still RN's so they do bedside care as well. NP's usually have a higher salary. Other types of higher educ. RN's are midwives and nurse anesthetists.

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