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New Grad NP

My Second NP Job

Published October 27, 2010 10:31 AM by Beverly Clayton
There is a saying that is very true for me: it is easy to get a job when you have a job. Last year at this time, jobs were sparse and I was very concerned that I would have to consider taking a position in another city. Today, I am happy to report that I will be starting my second position next month for a geriatric physician group, taking call for several nursing homes. I will initially start taking call two shifts per month.

I was also offered a job working an intermittent position for the VA hospital; I will be working on their mobile unit performing assessments on veterans and providing educational material on the services available at the hospital. The individual would then be required to make an appointment for care. My role is to enroll them for the program regardless if they make an appointment for services or not, the government will pay $6,000 for their care, so as you see the more individuals we can enroll the better.

Currently I am going through lots of paperwork and red tape prior to my first assignment. One concern that I have is orientation, I am told it is 2 weeks long, and while I really want to have the opportunity, I have a full-time job with benefits and I don’t have the vacation time for 2 weeks, so there is my dilemma. The recruiter stated the application process can take several weeks, so if all goes well I can be in orientation by the end of November and I hope they are willing to make some concessions, but we will see.

Now, call me crazy, but I found another position online that intrigued me. It too is a Monday through Friday flexible position working with geriatric patients either in their home or in an extended care facility; I like the opportunity for growth with a small group of physicians with benefits. So I spoke to the recruiter and forwarded my resume, and we will go from there.

My collaborating physician is very supportive of my learning but the company I work for has not given a raise in several years, there is not an educational allowance, and I don’t get malpractice insurance. While I appreciate this being my first experience and their tolerance of me when I have made mistakes, I do not see myself staying in corrections too much longer. I will miss the staff, the correction officers and the friends I have made, but I am growing tired of the same story to get Schedule III narcotics and I did not get my certification to dispense Tylenol and ibuprofen all day. I know I still have a lot of learning to do and I think I need to act while the opportunities are flowing.

This makes me wonder: What is the average time for an NP or PA in their first position?


Thank you, David. I think I needed a push, my collaborative physician is very supportive but frequently very negative where I do not feel any loyalty or obligation.Perhaps she has been in the environment too long(6years) I am ready to start working with more physicians, NP's/PA's and really start learning.

I do work at times with mental patients if they have medical concerns but I have to be aware of that one inmate who decides to have a bad day and I am the collateral damage. Thanks for including the article, this really keeps me grounded.


Beverly Clayton November 8, 2010 7:10 AM

I am glad jobs are opening up.

I would leave that job it sounds like you have learned all you can. Work in a clinic with some doctors and expand your horizons in the field, and your enjoyment.

Also there was a nurse killed in a State mental hospital out here in Napa last week. I don't know your patient population, but I have worked mental health and you never know with anybody locked up.


David King, RN October 27, 2010 11:15 PM

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