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Uncooperative Collaborative

Published December 6, 2012 9:24 AM by Beverly Clayton

Every day is an adventure at the correctional facility and at times it is not from the inmates. Oftentimes, it is from the person I like to call "The Lovely Doctor." I do not know why I call him that, but maybe it is because it is the nicest name I can call him...yes! It is sarcasm at its finest.

One of the perks that has been rescinded while working downtown is our prime parking spots. Due to intense construction and what some call progress, the courthouse staff and medical staff have been relocated approximately 2 miles away from the facility. The up side is, we still do not have to pay for parking and we are being shuttled to and from the parking lot. I always try to find a positive in a changing environment, and I have. While we are shuttled to the building, I walk back to the parking lot which is a great way to unwind at the end of a long, trying day and get exercise at the same time.

Now back to the lovely doctor: One rainy day I decided to wear a ball cap and I spoke to him when he boarded the bus. When we exited the bus, I slowed my pace to match his. Clearly, he did not know who I was, so I hastened my pace and entered the building. While I was preparing to see the patients, he came to my office and asked, "Was that you in the hat?" I had to laugh because I did not realize a ball cap was such a great camouflage disguise.

My collaborative calls in sick at least once or twice every other week; he informed me, "I know people don't think I have been sick." I did not say anything to that. Back in the summer, my collaborative called in sick because he went to an amusement water park. When needing to use the facilities, he forgot to wear shoes. He stated, "I burned the bottom of my feet!" I asked, "You didn't wear shoes?" He is a piece of work.

Two weeks after that call in, he called in and proceeded to tell the secretary, "I had to pull along the side of the road and throw up." The secretary said, "Ok, ok, that is a visual I did not need," especially since she was pregnant. My Health Service Administrator says quietly she hopes this nonsense won't last much longer, but it will because the corporate office has not received any complaints. My collaborative states, "I have been waiting all my life to find a job like this," and unfortunately he will probably be around a long time.


Yeah, it doesn't sound like a supportive environment.  I can see that one would get frustrated and look elsewhere.

In my past job with the malingerer, I didn't receive any support from administration to get rid of this person either.  

Brenda Lenz December 14, 2012 8:33 PM

Hi Brenda, his presence creates a source of tension for me, he does not care and it shows. A few months ago he got into a shouting  match with an inmate, the inmate is 23 Years old( I can say a lot about this kid) but the bottom line is he is having an irrational discussion with an irrational person. The correction officer had to intervene. My days are numbered.


Beverly December 13, 2012 10:14 AM

Malingerer.  I've had an experience with a malingerer at a former employment setting.  She had many excuses and missed many days of work. The worst situation is when she used anger and argumentative behavior to get out of work.  The anger was very upsetting to the staff.  Her missing work was a lot easier since wasn't in the office with her anger.  Ugly.  Definitely an ugly personality.

Brenda Lenz December 8, 2012 8:33 AM

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