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Write That Cover Letter!

Published March 9, 2009 10:38 AM by Renee Dahring
Click! You submitted your resume and now you are waiting and wondering when and if you will get a response. If you are like most job applicants you sent your resume via e-mail. You opened your mail program, typed in the recipient's address, attached your resume, clicked send, and voila! It's so quick and easy, much better than the old days when you had to do it all manually.

Back then you not only had to type and print out your resume, but you had to compose a nice tidy cover letter to the hiring manager to accompany your application, after all, who would send a resume with no explanation or indication of what position you are interested in? Besides, it's just good manners.

Well, fast forward to 2009, and cover letters are still IN. Actually, they really never went out of style (at least among those receiving them). While the Internet and e-mail have made our lives much simpler, it's also made us much more casual, and that's why taking the extra effort to compose a cover letter will get you noticed by all the right people.

Hiring managers (and recruiters) can get dozens if not hundreds of responses to an ad for a great job within hours, sorting through their inbox can be mind boggling and time consuming. Imagine your screen full of e-mail after e-mail that either has only a subject line something like "NP urgent care job" and in the body maybe only the words "I am interested in your job" or "please consider me for your job."

As you click through the e-mails, suddenly you notice one applicant has composed an eloquent and succinct cover letter! You stop, you read this one and are pleased because the cover letter specifies which position the applicant is seeking, what the applicant's qualifications are, and how the applicant can contribute to your organization. Not to mention it's addressed to you personally! It has an actual salutation AND a closing which thanks you and indicates when they plan to follow up with you.

I think you get the picture. Take the time, write the cover letter. The classics never go out of style and I guarantee a cover letter will look great on you.


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