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Control Your Online Resume

Published November 18, 2010 4:35 PM by Renee Dahring
It’s 2010 and do you know where your resume is? Are you sure? I don’t mean which pile on your desk or which file on your hard drive. What I mean is do you know what happened to it after it left your computer?  

This past year has been challenging and many providers have found themselves among those looking for work. Technology has changed the way we search for a job; we no longer type up a good old fashioned paper copy of our resume and mail it off to a prospective employer. Instead today’s job seeker will apply by e-mail, fill out an online application form or post their resume to online job boards (or all of the above). Overall this has been a giant step forward in terms of efficiency but there are also a few privacy concerns you should keep in mind before you click “send.” 

Working with a third party, such as a recruiter or headhunter, is a great way to find a job. However, not all recruiters are created equal and not all have the same ethical standards. Before you send your resume off to a recruiter you should question them about their policies regarding sharing or trading resumes. A reputable recruitment agency should always ask your permission each and every time they wish to pass on your resume. If they can’t guarantee they will safeguard your privacy then look for another recruiter.

Online job boards are another potential security leak. Online boards offer to post your resume so it is visible to “thousands of employers.” What they should really say is that you can post your resume and it will be visible to “anyone who pays us a fee.” For a monthly fee these digital databases are regularly “mined,” not only by employers but also recruiters. Again, there are unscrupulous recruiters out there who deal in volume and play the odds. What that means is they download any resume that even looks like a match for a job description and then send it off to an employer with a job opening hoping that if you are hired they will make a finder’s fee. This can all take place without your consent or your knowledge because access to your resume was gained thorough a virtual job board. 

Be careful out there.  

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