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2014: New Year, New Graduates, New Advice

Published January 2, 2014 4:27 PM by Renee Dahring
For years I have counseled new graduates to hold off on applying for jobs not only until they had graduated, but ideally until they had a date scheduled to take their boards. I based my advice on feedback from employers. 

In many states, passing the boards would legally permit new grad NPs to practice, however they could not be credentialed by insurers until they were licensed. This would present a problem for employers who could not afford to be paying a clinician who was unable to generate any revenue. 

For the last few years there have also been a large number of applicants for each job. This served as a disincentive to hire someone who had not yet even graduated. I mean, why wait for 2-3 months for a practitioner when there are so many other applicants who are available to start in a week or two?   

I also used to warn new grads not to expect to land a primary care job right out of school. Primary care is a highly desired practice site and historically has very low turnover. Be realistic, I would tell them, and consider a specialty. 

Well, I would like to announce a major change for new grads or soon to be grads. Due to a market shift most employers are now willing to entertain your applications earlier! 

I am officially revising my previous advice. If you are graduating in May you can now begin applying as early as March. I don't know that I would send out applications any earlier than March though. Don't worry -- if you prefer to wait that's OK too. It won't hurt your prospects. The last few weeks of the program are usually fairly stressful and adding a job search into the mix might not be for everyone. 

The other change for new grads is that it is no longer unrealistic to pursue a primary care position. As you probably all know the demand for primary care providers has risen and many new positions have opened. And many of these new primary care jobs are new grad friendly too. 

Great news for 2014 graduates, this year is shaping up to be a good year for you. 


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