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Why Do You Want To Work Here?

Published November 26, 2014 11:21 AM by Renee Dahring

Careful -- how you answer this could make or break your job prospects. 

Obviously, if you are looking for a new job you have put a great deal of thought into your decision. I'm sure if I asked you to list your reasons you would have plenty. But will a potential employer find your reasons as compelling as you do? 

When explaining to an employer why you want a specific job, you must keep one principle in mind: it's not about what you WANT - it's about what the employer NEEDS. Look at your list; if the reasons you have listed revolve around what the job will do for you, it's time to rethink your list. Sure, it's important that you be happy and to reach your personal goals - provided your happiness and goals are of benefit to the employer. I am not saying you need to completely abandon your reasons, but you might just need to reframe them. 

For example: "I have always wanted to work in dermatology, it's been a dream of mine since I graduated."

Now, employers will certainly appreciate that you have a passion, but you need to show the employer how your passion will benefit their practice. Talk about your experience with dermatology; if you don't have experience, tell them what learning opportunities you have engaged in to ready yourself for their job. Let them know how your passion becomes a plus for their patients - and thus their practice. That's what they want to hear. 

If your list of reasons includes things like better hours, a shorter commute or just better pay, I recommend you keep that to yourself, because they aren't likely to shed a positive light on your motives! Instead, talk about your skills and how they match the qualifications for the position. You can talk about wanting to use your skill set to a greater degree than you are able to in your current position, which benefits both you and the employer. 

Perhaps you want out of your current environment because you don't like your co-workers, your boss or it's just not a pleasant place to work. While that all may be true, that is better left unsaid. Never go negative; instead of telling the employer what you are running away from, you can tell them what it is that you are running towards. Research the employer before you interview so that you can illustrate to them how your values and goals align with the mission and vision of their organization. Explain how you bring to the table exactly what they need. Another win-win. You show the employer you have done your homework and, well, a little flattery never hurts!


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