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Locum Tenens Rates

Published February 10, 2016 2:47 PM by Renee Dahring
Dear NP Career Coach:  I am considering doing a locum tenens assignment. I have over 2 years of experience as a NP in urgent care where I treat some very high acuity patients. I am wondering what you think is a reasonable hourly rate? Can I also ask for all expenses such as travel, rental car, food, etc. to be paid? What about CME?

Dear Job Seeker:  Your hourly wage will really depend on the job you will be doing rather than the job you are leaving. Actually, now that I think about it that is true for all jobs whether they are temporary or permanent. However, you past experience is worth something and there may be some wiggle room to negotiate based on the skills you bring to the table.

When doing locums, you generally will get a really good wage OR you will get a generous stipend (we call them per diems) for expenses. In other words, the more you ask for one the less you get of the other. The reason for this is that employers have a defined pot of money set aside for each position and in the end it's all about how you wish to divide it up. 

Travel to and from the assignment and lodging are fairly standard to be covered and often the employer will arrange and pay for these expenses directly. Some travelers will ask for the lodging money as a per diem and then find their own lodging. Sometimes this works out well if they can find less expensive lodging.  

Per diems can also include meals, mileage or certain other types of expenses. The reason some travelers take more as per diem is that per diem money is not taxed so in some circumstances it effectively increases your compensation. However, when I say it isn't taxed that is true only up to a point. For instance, you can't say "I would like to be paid $10/hour and receive all the rest as a per diem" in order to avoid paying taxes. The IRS has is one step ahead of you and has established maximum per diem rates based on geographical area. And the geographical area is where you will be working and not where you are permanently living. So the bottom line is that you can ask for more on a per diem, but everything over the IRS rate will be taxed. You may need to speak with an accountant to determine what method will serve you best. 

Your malpractice should be covered by the agency. CME and PTO can be offered, but are not always standard in locums.


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