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Job Market Update

Published May 18, 2016 9:04 AM by Renee Dahring

We are halfway through 2016 and I figured you might be ready for a little market update. Let's look at a few trends.

Market Strength

Generally speaking, the job outlook remains quite strong. There are plenty of job openings and most folks seeking a job will likely land a position in a reasonable amount of time. However, even in a strong market you shouldn't get the idea that jobs are super easy to find. You will find some spots, particularly in the Midwest, where the market is saturated. Other areas, such as the eastern seaboard, have more than their fair share of open positions so practitioners looking in those areas will find job searching relatively painless. 

As always, the danger in a strong market is overconfidence. My contacts in the recruiting world assure me than even with a surplus of jobs there are still plenty of applicants for each open position. There is also some general concern that we might be approaching a tipping point where the supply of new practitioners becomes greater than the pipeline of new jobs. It is probable that the burst of new NP jobs that were added after the affordable care act was implemented will begin to level off soon as we reach maximum capacity.  Bottom line - you still need to bring your A-game when applying for jobs!

Market Demand

Primary care demand remains strong and that is not likely to change. Those who possess family practice credentials remain the most employable. That's not to say there are no specialty jobs, it's just that even in a specialty practices we have seen a preference towards seeking practitioners holding a family certification. The exception is psych-mental health. If you are a psych certified NP, CNS or PA you hold the golden ticket. The increased demand for mental health services coupled with a psychiatrist shortage has created a boom market for our mental health colleagues.

Market Employment Trends

The temporary-or locum tenens-market remains strong. Even when your ultimate goal is a permanent job, if you are willing to consider a short term position you can greatly multiply your job prospects. This may not make sense, but the truth is that many temporary positions turn in to offers for permanent positions. Hiring is big commitment and employers want to get it right. Bringing someone on board initially under a short term contract allows the organization the ability to determine whether the clinician is a good fit for the position. And by the way, this should be important to the job seeker as well. It's a lot less messy to part ways after a 2-3 month contract and if it doesn't work out both parties get to leave with their dignity intact.  


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