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NPs & PAs Are Talking – April 16, 2012

Published April 16, 2012 3:42 PM by Kelly Wolfgang

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This week, our social media sites exploded with great comments from our readers. Here are some of the highlights, copied verbatim and without editing.

Many of our fans were sad to see "Adventures of a New PA" blogger Timothy Loerke submit his final post. Tim has shared the last four years of his life with us, while his schooling, clinicals, and eventual first two jobs as a PA changed his life. "Congrats on your new ED gig! I just stumbled on your page today and see you are ending your posts. I am a PA with one year of ED experience and could relate with so much of what you shared about jobs and being new. Thanks for the honesty! Good luck," one of our readers posted.

As Tim left, NPs and PAs greeted our newest NP & PA Student Blog writer, Olga Trouskova, with her post, "Ceviche and Salsa for This Russian!" One reader asked, "Thanks for those thoughts, Olga. Question, how can we best be prepared to be culturally sensitive if, like you, we stumble across unexpected situations? How can we learn about diversity? Reading? Only experience? Conversations with other practitioners?" How do you practice cultural awareness? Add to the conversation by clicking the link above!

We also shared the naming of PAs as one of the top rated jobs according to the Wall Street Journal in its article "Not All Jobs Are Created Equal." While calling out PAs for their great work, the article left out NPs. Our readers sounded off. One Facebook fan reacted, "PA's can have their rating!!! I prefer the NP pay!!! nuff said!!!" Another, in a heated discussion on PA and NP jobs, stated, "I disagree with the individual who posted this article. I will take a stab and say that NPs can be equated with PAs in this article. The NP role is much more similar to the PA role than a RN role, no? That's why this Facebook site is dedicated to both NPs and PAs equally, right? I prefer to simply believe the writer just isn't all knowing re: job classifications and mistakenly left the NPs out." What do you think of the rating? Let us know on our Facebook page!

Over on LinkedIn, one group member asked, "Do you use ultrasound in your practice? Have you had ultrasound training?" The reader shared a CME opportunity for fellow readers. Connect with us to find more great opportunities and discussions with your colleagues! Twitter was abuzz with lots of great up-to-the-minute information. Readers shared the latest news on retail clinics, blogs and reacted to our new Comments & Feedback column (page 57). One reader acknowledged the column, "Honorable Twitter Mentions from p 57 of April issue: @avasearchgroup, @B_Belcher, @Greg_HC311, @One_DNP, @MarjorieShanks." Another said, "Thank you for the MT for @ADVANCEforNPPA's Honorable Twitter Mention list! Have a great week!" Want to be a part of our Twitter followers and see your handle in our next issue? Follow us!


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