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NPs & PAs Are Talking – June 4, 2012

Published June 4, 2012 3:21 PM by Kelly Wolfgang
On Facebook, we had a lot of great comments from readers across the country. In response to our Career Coach article "Middle of What?" addressing concerns of the term "mid-level provider," readers expressed their views. "We are midlevels? Midway between who or what? Dislike the term! Sounds as though we are only mediocre in what we do, so far from the truth," reader Tammy posted. Corinne added, "The only thing I dislike more is ‘extender' which puts me in mind of those products billed as male enhancement supplements."' We also shared a reader's question on licensing laws on our Facebook page. "Would any of you kind folks happen to know anything about transferring from Florida to Arizona as a nurse practitioner? There is a prescribing requirement that states 'you shall submit written evidence of 45 contact hours of education in pharmacology or clinical management of drug therapy within the three year period immediately preceding this application' I take this to mean that I don't need the hours as I have been in practice for 6 years," a reader asked. "I would interpret this as you need proof (documentation) of 45 hrs of pharm from 2009-2012 in your continuing educ work, contact your State board for approved educ prog.," Facebook follower Martha advised. If you have any questions or need advice from fellow NPs and PAs, feel free to post to our page or send us a message!

On Twitter, we shared some great honors in the NP and PA communities. "RT @RNAO: Congrats! Toronto's first Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic, the Emery Keelesdale NPLC, grand opening today!" we retweeted. In another tweet, we shared a video congratulating Cynthia Lord on her honor of PA of the year: "VIDEO: Professor Cynthia Lord honored as physician assistant of the year for her students and patients -" Do you have an honor to share or just think a special NP or PA deserves a shout out? Include the @ADVANCEforNPPA handle in your tweet and we'll spread the news!

Our LinkedIn page was active this week with job opportunities, webinars and career information. One user posted an opening as a nephrology NP or PA in Kansas. Another reader shared a webinar for finding jobs in this tough economy. With all the career information available to our friends on LinkedIn, we hope you find the perfect job! Do you have any tips for other NPs or PAs? Join our group and start discussing!

On our article "How Does Autism Rewire The Brain?", reader and physical therapy assistant Noe commented, "Please cont. research on Autism,my son is 5 years old and is on the spectrum. Thank you!"  We strive to put the most current research on many topics affecting healthcare on our website and appreciate comments from all readers. Is there a topic you'd like us to focus on? Let us know in the comments!

Our 2011 NP and PA Salary Survey by Academic Degree results also gained attention this week. "When I read your survey some months back I too was struck by the fact that PAs make more money, and although they are no longer a male-dominated profession, a much higher percentage of PAs than NPs are men. I suspect this is another example of women being devalued in the workplace. As an NP in my mid-50s with over 30 years experience in the nursing profession, as well as the mother of 3 daughters, I have to wonder if I will see this change in my lifetime," NNP reader Linda commented. We also launched the 2012 National Salary Survey of NPs & PAs. To make sure we have the most accurate information regarding NP and PA salaries, take the survey today!

Comments are reposted here verbatim, without editing. We love to get feedback from our readers. If you're not chatting with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, "like", "follow" and "connect" with us and start sharing in the conversations! If you are, keep following and spread the word!

If there's something you think we should be discussing, let us know! As always, thanks for following!


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