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NPs & PAs Are Talking – Convenient Care, Acute Care, Career Uncertainty

Published August 20, 2012 2:39 PM by Kelly Wolfgang

Last week, retail clinics were a hot topic. On Twitter, we retweeted an article from @Health_Affairs: "New Web First online now. Retail Clinic Use Growing Rapidly  (Free access for two weeks)." The article highlights the benefits of convenient care, such as longer hours. However, our article The Forked Tongue of Convenient Care has some clinicians rethinking a career in retail health.

"I've heard from other practitioners of this same type of restrictive care in retail clinics. The restrictions are not state based, but rather from the company that owns the clinic. I think these types of restrictions are unethical at best and dangerous at worse. I can't imagine charging these patients for the visit if all the provider can do is refer. Now the retail clinic has taken their money. Now they may not be able to afford another provider. I too thought I'd ‘retire' to practice in one of these clinics, but I think I'll pass," reader Di said. What is your opinion of convenient care? Let us know in the comments below.

Job settings resonated with other readers through the article "Competencies and Job Functions of Acute Care NPs in Florida." One Florida NP weighed in: "Having been lucky enough to have Dr. Kleier as a teacher back in 1997 for Fundamentals of Nursing, she is correct in that schools teaching nurse practitioners need to address the advanced technical competencies that hospitals and other care facilities require in order for nurse practitioners to practice to our fullest capabilities." Do you agree with Tracey?

One new NP found inspiration last week in our Opinions & Essays column, "PAs: The Need Is Great, the Time Is Now." Reader Tina said, "It is too often at this point in my career that I question ‘did I make the right decision?' I love what I do, but some days are rough. I feel like I am a ‘middle man' and patients and physicians are at one end of the spectrum. Sometimes patients will request to see me only while others feel I am incapable to care for them because I am not a doctor. I feel like some doctors embrace my role and will come to me for advice while others disregard me all together." Find out what else Tina had to say and share your thoughts here. Do you have an opinion you'd like to share? Check out our Writer's Guidelines and send in your submission.

Our New Grad NP blog saw some NPs applying for jobs as medical transcriptionists last week. "I too am an NP and recently thought about pursuing a part-time career in medical transcription in hopes of starting a new family and being able to have ‘some' control over my work schedule," reader Tina said. Blog contributor Bev added, "I just applied for a home position as a medical transcriptionist, it's not like I don't have enough to do!" Check out blogger Elizabeth's views on medical transcription to find out what had these NPs considering a second career.

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