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NPs & PAs Are Talking – NP Residencies, Practice Barriers, Salary, Election

Published October 29, 2012 1:06 PM by Kelly Wolfgang

ADVANCE for NPs & PAs staff is bracing for Hurricane Sandy near Philadelphia, Pa. today, and we wish the best to all those along the East coast who are suffering from the storm's damage.

Across the country, NPs and PAs are still heating up our communities with the latest in healthcare. On our article "NP Residency Programs and Healthcare Reform," some NPs are speaking out. "Nurses continue to make things hard on the profession as well as the public with these outlandish practice requirements. We are purposely trying to compete with physicians. Additionally, those of us who are not from as privileged backgrounds as others seem to be slowly and slyly weeded out in an attempt to throw us out or under the bus," Denise, RN, BSN, MHA, NP student, said. Do you agree with her assessment? Read more about these programs and share your thoughts with us.

It is not just through education that NPs have found frustration. Reader Terry commented on our article "Establishing an Independent Nurse Practitioner Practice" with the barriers she has seen NPs face as a SCORE counselor. "The biggest stumbling block has been obtaining insurer contracts and receiving adequate reimbursement for services," Terry said. If you are an NP practice owner, have you encountered these problems? What were your resolutions?

Reader Neelia commented on our National Salary Report 2011 with further issues affecting NPs. "I started out as new grad at  about $40 per hour. Now I make $50-$70 per hour depending on the location with travel, housing and a rental car paid. It's all about negotiating. I can only encourage other NPs to negotiate for what you are worth. It's up to the NP to explain your worth and value and what you bring to the clinic." The best way to see the changes in NP salary and compensation is to share your most current information with us. Our 2012 National Salary Survey of NPs and PAs data collection ends in only two days on Wednesday, Oct. 31. If you haven't taken the survey yet, do so now!

There also isn't much time before the 2012 presidential election. ADVANCE compiled extensive election coverage with special attention to healthcare workers. With our election coverage, you can see:

...and much more!

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I agree it is hard for nurse practictioners to compete with doctors. Another thought about nurse practioners is..

Being a nurse is a highly rewarding job; however as with any profession, it does come with its difficulties. Most likely, patients are not at the doctor's office because of their own free will. Nurses have to adhere to strict guidelines, leaving little room for the creative mind.

I wanted to discuss another option in the medical field that's available, but not necessarily initially thought of. If any of you are becoming run down by your career and are considering alternative options or wondering if other specialties exist, I suggest looking into aesthetics.

An advantage that comes with being a physician assistant or nurse is that you have the option to practice in a variety of fields.

Some advantages to aesthetics are:

1. As stated by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there are almost 9.2 million cosmetic procedures performed each year. In tough economic times, the aesthetic field is growing and Americans spent nearly $10 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2011 (

2. According to industry experts only 10-15% of the current demand for aesthetic services are being met.

3. You can change lives. Being an aesthetic provider, most of the time there is a positive outcome. Traditionally, needles and injections are seen negatively. As an aesthetic provider, you have the ability to make someone happy with a needle. There are psychological and sociological benefits to the field of aesthetics.

Learn how to further you career as an injector by breaking into the field of aesthetics in Chicago on November 10th and 11th--- Expanded Aesthetics.

Francesca, Aesthetics October 29, 2012 5:52 PM
Chicago IL

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