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NPs & PAs Are Talking – Practice Models, International Medicine, Dermatology, NP Bloggers Needed

Published December 3, 2012 3:37 PM by Kelly Wolfgang

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  • Teams, Practice Models and Patients: "As a full time clinician my team and I have been doing outcomes research on an interdisciplinary model of stroke rounds in an acute care setting. The four habits mentioned in this article we have used in our model. In fact I recently took a trip to London, England where I visited an NP at St. Thomas's Hospital who showed me their team efforts to taking care of stroke patients. They seemed ahead in working as a team as I toured the stroke unit. The NP and physicians shared the same workroom/office on the unit and all the therapists needed for care of stroke patients were centralized right there on the unit. The NP relayed that she found it inconceivable that it could be any other way because, ‘We're a team,'." - Lana
  • International Medical Graduates and PAs: "I am a foreign medical graduate and I completed all my USMLE exams, including step 3 with good scores(90s), but unfortunately I am not able to secure residency. I decided to get admission to PA school, which can allow me to be in this profession. I contacted a few programs in North Carolina, and asked whether they can waive the requirement of a bachelor's degree from a US institute, and I ended up with the same response from all of them: that I am not eligible until I complete a bachelor's degree all over again from a US institute, and it doesn't matter even if I complete it in arts or math. I was really amazed by them, I explained to them that I am an ECFMG certified physician, which enables me to get residency, but you are even denying me an admission in PA school. On one hand, the US needs healthcare professionals who can serve people in underserved communities and on other hand, they are ignoring this huge population of FMGs trying to make some difference in their personal, professional and social lives. Currently I am trying to find programs who can allow me to join the PA profession." - Parth
  • My Four Favorite Derm Cases: "Trauma to toe: Define shoes -- Crocs or plastic open toe is not a shoe. Protective footwear on open bikes -- motorized or not is lacking everywhere! Along with Helmets...should be required. Love the pictures." - Sandra

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  • "Are you an NP student who will graduate in December? We're looking for a new nurse practitioner to write blog posts about his or her first year in practice. (We've already lined up a first-year PA!) If you are about to graduate and would like to share your experiences in writing, send an email with your info and some blog post ideas to Kelly Wolfgang at"
  • "Want expert advice on avoiding malpractice claims? Register for our FREE December webinar!"

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