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NPs & PAs Are Talking - The Silver Lining of Nursing

Published December 17, 2012 3:38 PM by Kelly Wolfgang

Last week, NP & PA Student blogger Terry Clarke shared his concerns over the status of nursing. "I am currently in a class called ‘Societal Forces' as a precursor to my first semester of advanced assessment in the Adult/Gero Primary Care Nurse Practitioner track. The teachers are passionate and well informed. The speakers are excellent, but the subject matter...The subject matter is frankly depressing. The class theme seems to be: ‘Here is how messed up the system you are entering is. Good luck,'" Terry wrote.

He continued, "We have heard about unions pricing themselves out of competitiveness and the changes that may or may not come with the inception of the Affordable Care Act. Cultural resistance to evidence-based practice. Medicare's new community health pay guidelines. Rural primary care clinics struggling to stay solvent. Sequestering measures that go along with the fiscal cliff. The continuing gap of respect between NPs and doctors. And the pervasive lack of good management, and systemic waste, at all levels of healthcare."

Terry asked you to share your silver lining of nursing - what motivates you to return to work each day, despite the struggles and barriers you're facing as a profession?

Here's what some had to say:

  • "The silver lining is the individuals and families you will go on to help by improving their health and easing their pain. You will likely be part of many small ‘miracles.'"  - Sallie
  • "No matter what the job looks like, people will always need nurses/healthcare. We have job security and millions of Americans aren't that lucky. We're spoiled to think that we should love what we do every minute. The fantasy that work is the source of happiness is actually the root of a lot of misery. The goal is to be grateful for your work, whatever it is." - Kimberley
  • "I think in the end, we nurses will win out. We always do." - Sean
  • "The silver lining comes from within; it's not something you can describe, or explain. It is something that you experience. When you're able to provide a service, compassion, treatment or just the shred of hope, that can be the silver lining. Often with nursing, it is the things that we do, that we don't see, that will have the greatest impact. " - Danielle  
  • "Look at your education and training as a gift that you, as a NP, will use to improve the lives of others. There are so many facets to nursing; you have to find your niche and create our own happiness and self-fulfillment." - Barbara

Check out the blog to read Terry's full post and all of the articles. While you're there, share your silver lining with us.

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