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Remembering Compassion in Aesthetics

Published November 20, 2012 12:46 PM by Kimberly Cray

I recently attended an aesthetics conference in south Florida. There were many great speakers- seasoned cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists, successful CEOs, and highly-acclaimed skin care specialists. Aside from learning about new and improved aesthetic technologies and techniques, a specific speaker enlightened me before he even began his lecture. 

This particular physician spoke on his experiences with various cosmetic treatments, but he began his lecture with a simple message: Remember compassion throughout your career in aesthetics. He shared a few stories of examples he had experienced in his own career and spoke with such enthusiasm and emotion behind his words. You could tell this man truly loves what he does and has a special effect on people.

This hit home for me because in this room filled of highly educated, although some overly-injected individuals, I think we must never stop practicing compassion. In a busy world and work day this can easily get overlooked. We must never become so busy or so concerned with aesthetics that we forget that compassion plays a large role. In a day spent nipping and tucking, or simply encouraging at the office, remember that people elect to undergo cosmetic procedures to look better so that they feel better. The benefit of some procedures on an individual's self-esteem can be life changing. Remember that the patient in front of you is more than a treatment and it is about much more than making that person look better. It is about the feeling you give them and the confidence they gain in the process.

Aesthetics could certainly be simply superficial if you make it just that. However, I am a firm believer that beauty is more than skin deep. If we practice with compassion, the whole world slows down for a moment and we make great results even better. We make people feel not only beautiful but most importantly happy, satisfied, ready to conquer the world. If a patient no longer looks at a slight imperfection, or even a more obvious one, and pushes their thoughts towards what they do have going for them, we have succeeded in aesthetics.

Practicing compassion also includes loving what you do. I love the rewarding feeling of helping others. I love having the desire to learn and become better at what I do. If we always practice with compassion we will reap the benefits just as much as any patients we see. We must remember that looking our best is about feeling our best and for each person this is different. Aspire to learn that difference and make a difference every day. We are very lucky, as I am humbled, to work in our field and do what we do. As this doctor reminded me and I share with you today, please always remember compassion.


Well put Kim!!!! I totally agree. I always put myself in the patient's position...It's just as rewarding for me to talk a patient out of a unnessecary procedure than it is to try an offer them them an unrealistic outcome. That way of thinking has always helped me sleep better at night.

Whitney Krohn, Derm - MMS, PA-C, Horwitz Dermatology November 20, 2012 11:30 PM
Aventura FL

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