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Micro-Needling for Skin Rejuvenation

Published April 2, 2013 5:17 PM by Mina Grasso
Everyone wants beautiful, healthy skin. Patients seek various skin rejuvenation treatments to reduce pore size, reduce pigmentation, tighten skin and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.

Micro-needling using a device such as Dermapen is a skin rejuvenation procedure that can enhance skin beauty. Using multiple micro-needles, various channels are made creating a direct pathway into the skin. These channels allow enhanced absorption of topical antioxidants, vitamins, hair loss products and PRP (platelet rich plasma).

Patients have become more aware of the "Vampire Facelift". Micro-needling provides our patients a simple method to have the Vampire Facelift administered. The other options we offer included injection with or without tissue fillers that may cause bruising or fractional laser resurfacing which results in social downtime.

Needling of the skin is not new technology. It started many years before I started cosmetic micropigmentation15 years ago. I started treating hypopigmented scars using an advanced micropigmentation technique called multitrepanic collagen actuation (MCA).

I used dry cosmetic micropigmentation needles to stimulate natural re-pigmentation of scars that lost pigment. I also used MCA to improve acne, burn, surgical or traumatic scars. Micro-injuries to scars can boost collagen production, resulting in improvement in scar texture and color.

Wrinkle reduction was seen when "smoker's lines" were treated. Often, fine lines around the borders of the lips improved after permanent lip color procedures. As our laser center grew, scars were primarily treated with various ablative and non-ablative lasers. However, I still used MCA on scars on occasion up to this past year.

Microneedling with a device such as Dermapen is far superior to cosmetic tattooing needles and other dermal rollers due to the size and number of the needles. There is less trauma to the skin, which translates to less downtime for the patient. It does not cause any collateral heat damage and can be used on all skin types.

The speed and depth of penetration is adjustable, which allows the technician to use it in more delicate areas such as under the eyes with more control. Scars can be treated more deeply. Larger areas can be treated more quickly. The automatic vibrating tip makes for a more efficient and effective, comfortable procedure. Most of our patients are more comfortable than they anticipated. 

Although the results of collagen stimulation are not expected to be seen for up to 3 months, patients experience a more radiant glow to their skin immediately.


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