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The Importance of Moisturizers

Published May 14, 2013 12:45 PM by Mina Grasso
Over the years we have introduced various medical skin care products and aesthetic procedures such as laser resurfacing, chemical peels and micro-needling that result in temporary redness, dryness and irritation.  At times, instructions for use of moisturizers for irritation from skin care products or post procedures are not specific enough. So much time and effort is taken to learn about products that are therapeutic, and the importance of moisturizers is not given enough attention. 

Patients starting on a medical skin care program may not be as compliant with their regimen if they lack instruction on what moisturizer to use that when they experience skin irritation and dryness. They either stop their skin care regimen due to irritation or they fumble on their own through the local drug stores or the cosmetic counters for products to relieve their symptoms.

Aquaphor is one of the most common products recommended, especially after Fraxel or Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. Frequently, patients become upset and complain of acne-like breakouts. Breakouts result in longer downtime than expected post-procedure and require handholding and reassurance.

Cutagenix is a product that has been well accepted by our patients who are starting a medical skin care program or post-procedure. Other practices have used it for various dermatological issues such as radiation dermatitis. Cutagenix is an emulsion that consists of perfluorodecalin and plant derived emulsifiers. Emulsifiers surround small droplets of the perfluorodecalin and create a uniform and stable emulsion. It has the consistency of light foam.  

Perfluorodecalin is a biologically inert liquid capable of dissolving and exchanging oxygen with the environment. Perfluorodecalin, the key ingredient in Cutagenix, is a biocompatible material that has a high affinity for oxygen. Skin derives oxygen from the atmosphere. Unlike products like aquaphor that can create a barrier and inhibit oxygen from reaching the skin, this highly oxygen permeable emulsion can soothe and calm irritated skin to breath so it can help restore itself naturally.   

Our patients are happier and more comfortable post procedures. In addition, patients are more compliant with their medical skin care regimen when they have Cutagenix to soothe the dryness and irritation if it occurs.


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