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All Natural Tattoo Removal

Published December 27, 2013 11:11 AM by Mina Grasso
The art of tattooing has been performed since ancient times and will continue to be performed for years to come all over the world. People get tattoos for a variety of reasons. Tattoos may be a loved-one's name, identify an individual belonging to a group, a symbol of a significant event in someone's life or something that seemed like a good idea during a rebellious time in someone's life. 

Laser technology for tattoo removal has advanced over the last decade, however many of the latest lasers continue to have a challenge with removing certain colors like aqua green or blue. Some tattoos can be significantly reduced in one to three treatments. However, multiple treatments are usually required.

Toxic acids have been used as an alternative to lasers for removing tattoos, and unfortunately tattoos had been replaced with scars. Some permanent makeup artists have been successful with removal of unwanted cosmetic tattooing with some acid solutions without scarring, however this is dangerous practice. Fortunately, the face is very vascular and allows for faster healing. When toxic acids are used for tattoo removal from the neck down, the risk of scarring increases.

A safe all-natural non-acid saline solution can now be used as an alternative to laser tattoo removal. After a specific technique is used, using a tattoo machine with a specific needle configuration, the solution is applied directly over the area. Over time a scab forms. 

Patients have to take extreme care during the healing process. The longer the scab stays on, the better the results. Once the scab falls off the process is interrupted.  The scab must be kept dry. Patients experience more pain at the site of tattoo removal after 4-5 days. An average of 3-5 treatments are required, spaced 6-8 weeks apart. The biggest advantage to this procedure is that all tattoo colors can be removed.

Non-laser, all natural solution tattoo removal has risks just like laser tattoo removal.  Pain, swelling, infection, scarring and skin discoloration can occur. There is a higher risk of hypo and hyperpigmentation with darker skin types. 

A technician performing non-laser, all natural solution tattoo removal must not only be trained in proper techniques of performing the procedure, but must know how to minimize risk of complications as well as know how to treat complications from the procedure.

posted by Mina Grasso


Very interesting!

Freshana Organic Solutions January 3, 2014 5:37 PM
Johns Creek GA

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