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The Power of Brows

Published February 25, 2014 4:17 PM by Kimberly Cray

If our eyes are the windows to our soul, then our eyebrows are most certainly the curtains. And it has been studied to be true - eyes are the first thing another person notices about our appearance. 

With all the care that goes into taking care of our eyes, I find that eyebrows are often overlooked. The shape of our brows is very specific to our face and with a little professional tweeking we can really (and easily) improve our appearances. Full brows are en vogue while thin, over plucked brows can really age us.   


Tweezing is a great way to keep up with unruly brows but I caution you to seek professional attention for dramatic shaping. I only tweeze outliers and leave the artwork to the professionals. My biggest pet peeve is young girls who over pluck their brows. What! No! Stop! Just say no to over plucking. P.S. Invest in really good tweezers and you'll never regret it. 


Waxing is the old standby for brow shaping and definitely works wonders. Pay extra attention to not using any products with retinol or retinoidic acid the week of your treatment as the skin could more easily lift (and result in burns and potentially scarring).    


Threading has been gaining popularity in eyebrow shaping - we have malls in Miami that offer threading only services. I find it more painful than waxing but it also seems to negatively affect the skin less (score!) and give a manicured arch. Careful not to overdo it with threading and have too much hair removed.  

Permanent Makeup

As we age, brow hair becomes more sparse (think of all the years of abuse adding up too) so for women who truly have no brow hair, permanent makeup could be a great option. We have a particular artist and salon that we recommend, and most importantly trust, for this unique service. I would caution anyone to go very conservative in this department or hold off all together and use brow makeup which is non-permanent. If you are trying to improve sparse brows, also consider Latisse! 


The popular product for eyelashes can be used, off label, to help hair in the brow region grow. I decided I wanted to grow my brows out to change their shape and Latisse has helped me get there much faster. This stuff works. Not to mention your fabulous brows will look even better accompanied by gorgeous lashes.   

Brow Makeup

Some of my favorites in this category include powders, pencils and gels. Going a shade lighter than your color tends to give the best results, depending on the look you are going for. I love thin brow pencils and using very small strokes to mimic the look of real hairs. Clear brow gel is an essential for me so hairs (not to mention all your hard work) stay in place. There are also colored versions that are fun if you want to mix things up or to match your brows to a new hair color. Don't have brow specific products on hand? No worries, eye shadows can also be used with an angled brush to fill in brows.   

Moral of the story - don't forget those beautiful brows! Everyone is looking at your eyes, whether you like it or not. Keep your look fresh, rejuvenated and the Wow Factor going with proper care of your brows.   


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