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Lower Face and Neck Beauty Secret

Published July 1, 2014 10:55 AM by Mina Grasso
Over time with genetic influences and facial expression, we see changes in the appearance lower face and neck. Complaints include worsening of a crease on the chin under the lower lip, dimpling of the chin, a sad or angry appearance of the corners of the lips, jowls worsening and loss of definition of the jaw and neckline. It is common to hear patients complain that they are starting to look like their mother or father.

A non-surgical approach we offer in our clinic is treatment of these areas with a neuromodulator like Botox or Dysport. The crease between the lower lip and base of the chin is a result of strong muscles of the chin that pulls up and inward. As patients age they lose volume in the chin and dimpling is seen when the patient animates. Treatment of the mid chin with a neuromodulator can help relax the horizontal crease and reduce the appearance of the dimpling.

The down-turned corners of the mouth create a sad or angry look caused by the depressor anguli oris muscle pulling down over time. Relaxing these muscles with a neuromodulator causes relaxation of the muscles and creates a lift of the corners of the lips.

Volume loss in the mid and upper cheek causes tissue to descend and creates the jowls. The platysmal muscles of neck pull down and tension increases which results in the appearance of the vertical platysmal neckbands with animation. Patients usually grab under the chin at the angle of the neck and ask, "What can you do with this?" In addition, horizontal necklace lines and puckered crepe-like skin on the central part of the neck can develop with aging. Within a few days of treatment, neuromodulators can improve the definition of the jaw and neckline resulting in relaxation of the tensed bands, which allows the muscles to lift up. The necklace lines across the neck appear softer and the puckering of the central neck smooths out. With this simple office procedure with virtually no downtime patients can enjoy the benefits of this beauty secret for several months.


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