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Thermi-Tight Injectable RF

Published August 13, 2014 3:46 PM by Mina Grasso

Before non-surgical skin tightening was available, the only option to address loose skin was to surgically remove it. Thermage, a non-surgical procedure utilizing mono-polar radiofrequency, provided an option for those wanting to avoid the surgery. This is accomplished by heating the skin externally to a temperature that would stimulate collagen fiber contraction. For those not expecting a "surgical result", repeated treatments over the years kept them happy. For many, the results were just not good enough.

Over the last two decades aesthetic laser industries introduced hundreds of non-ablative skin-tightening and skin rejuvenation devices. There was just no "in-between" until laser lipolysis and skin tightening using Cool-LipoTM and Smart-LipoTM Lasers were developed. These were considered minimally invasive skin-tightening surgical procedures that were performed in the office. After local anesthetic is administered in the area to be treated, a laser is then inserted under the skin delivering heat. Using the laser to heat the area would result in lipolysis and skin tightening.

Temperature control was the issue with these devices. External infra red thermometers were required to monitor the temperature. Temperature readings would vary on the distance and angle of the thermometer. Some lasers had thermistors on the laser but not at the tip where the energy was delivered. Due to inconsistencies of temperature monitoring, complications such as burns would occur with excess heat delivered with delayed temperature registering. For extra safety in monitoring, we would routinely utilize 2 staff members, each with an external infrared thermometer for temperature control. Temperature control was the issue. Over-heating or under-heating could potentially result in a burn or suboptimal results.

Comprehensive thermoregulation integrating continuous subsurface and epidermal temperature monitoring is now possible using the Thermi-Tight Injectable RF. This technology will be the game changer for minimally invasive skin tightening. Skin temperatures can now be monitored precisely using a platform that incorporates state of the art infrared imaging camera allowing for visual clinical end-points, which contributes to the overall safety. Injectable RF, radiofrequency energy can be applied using proprietary cannulas with a thermistor at the tip to measure the precise temperature of the target tissue. The proprietary cannula can be set to shut off when the desired temperature is achieved. Controlled heat can be delivered to targeted tissue using the precise level of external and subsurface tissue monitoring without risking epidermal damage. 

Patients that are attracted to Thermi-Tight Injectable RF are usually those that are "in-between". They have minimal downtime. They are not quite ready for a surgical procedure and feel that results of a non-surgical skin tightening procedure will not be enough for them.

Patient's who desire minimally invasive skin tightening with very little downtime can now benefit from Thermi-Tight Injectable RF with added safety due to the comprehensive thermoregulation. Practitioners can provide safer more consistent results and have more satisfied patients.


Aesthetics Practice Today : Thermi-Tight Injectable RF

November 1, 2014 12:19 AM

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