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Liquid Facelifts – Difference in Male versus Female

Published March 3, 2015 10:26 AM by Mina Grasso

There is more pressure today for men to look fashionable, fit and well groomed. Male grooming products in the beauty industry are fast growing. Men are more concerned with their appearance and spending more time and money on themselves than ever before. Photos in the social media world have added to this pressure for males.

There are an increasing number of males seeking noninvasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures with little downtime to no downtime over the past few years. A desire to appear more refreshed, youthful and competitive along with a growing social acceptability of cosmetic procedures and increased safety and efficacy are all factors that contribute to the increase in male patients seeking more of these procedures.

A liquid facelift, using a combination of neuromodulators and tissue fillers, is growing in popularity in males as well as females. Much care is needed in the assessment and goal setting for males undergoing a pan-facial liquid facelift. The goal is towards maintaining a natural masculine appearance with smooth transitions from the top of the forehead to the jawline. All measures must be taken not to feminize a male face. 

When discussing cosmetic procedures with a man, choosing words carefully avoids the fear of looking feminine. Men do not care to hear the word "beauty" and prefer masculine descriptions. They are comforted with words such as "well-rested" and "refreshed." They are less specific with details and simply want to look younger.

When using neuromodulators, dose needs to be adjusted to address muscle mass in the forehead, glabella and crows feet. On average, depending on the number of areas treated for the upper face, women may require 20-60 units whereas men may require 50-100 units. The male brow is more horizontal naturally while females prefer more arching of the brow. Men are not as obsessed with knocking out the crow's feet completely as women are.

The shape of the man's face is more squared or angular compared to a softer, heart-shaped female face. Bony structures and a more prominent brow are acceptable in males.  Men have thicker skin generally and deeper injection techniques provide a more natural skeletal support versus skin plumping. When using tissue fillers, features such as the cheeks must not be over accentuated. The preferred area for the apex of the cheek on men is usually infra lateral versus more lateral for a female. Avoid placing filler in the high lateral cheek or over the zygoma. When attempting to reduce the amount of facial hollow causing shadows, especially in an athlete, the goal is to reduce the hollows to make the person look healthier without looking puffy.

The temples in male are generally more convex than a female's, and may require more tissue filler. As men and women get older and the shape becomes more skeletonized, it creates an older appearance, and the shape of the head appears more like a peanut. Treatment of temporal hollows making the area more convex can create a more masculine appearance in males using a variety of tissue fillers. Females also require fillers in this area but feminine features allow for a bit more concavity.

Men require more volume in the chin and jawline for support and definition of the squared mandible for a stronger masculine look.

As we see male patients in our clinics seeking these minimally invasive liquid facelifts, the anatomy of the masculine face needs to be kept in mind. We need to provide a positive experience to meet the needs of the growing male population and help them to meet their goal of a more refreshed, well rested, healthy, younger-looking appearance.

posted by Mina Grasso


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