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Men Get Beach-Body Ready

Published April 26, 2016 9:51 AM by Mina Grasso
Men are becoming more focused on their appearance. This is especially true for those in a work environment where younger, equally qualified attractive males make for a more competitive arena. As a result there have been an increased number of male visits to online aesthetic websites, including online review sites of surgical and nonsurgical procedures. 

Going to the gym is no longer just a place to workout, but rather a place where men "check out" other men that are more fit and chiseled. The standard of male appearance in today's fitness setting has elevated. Males who are concerned with health and fitness often follow one or more fitness either personally or through social media. 

Teenagers and men learn about healthier eating, supplements and shakes to increase muscle mass with weight training or improve lean body mass. In addition, they are incorporating fitness routines to maximize the appearance of particular muscle groups to enhance the shape of their bodies and define musculature. 

CoolSculpt utilizes cryolipolysis to freeze unwanted fat bulges. The word is getting out about Coolscupt body shaping for men. The idea that Coolsculpt does not require incisions, needles or downtime is intriguing to men in or out of the fitness world. Freezing areas of unwanted fat has helped men achieve their body shape goals. 

Common areas that men seek treatment for, include love handles and abdomen. Men who have developed gynecomastia - "man boobs" now have a non-surgical option to reduce that fat that has accumulated on the breasts. When the fat layer over muscles is reduced, hard-earned muscles are revealed. Masculine muscle definition is the goal. Coolsculpt can help men achieve that goal faster.

In January of this year, Coolsculpt added a small applicator called Coolmini to treat submental fat - "double chin." A great majority of aesthetic patients surveyed reported that they were concerned with the appearance of their double chin. The fat freezing with the Coolmini is also non-surgical, does not involve incisions, needles or downtime. After the double chin is reduced, a man's neck can appear more youthful and the jawline angles and chin appear more defined and masculine. The Coolmini can also be used on smaller fat budges that we were able to treat prior due to larger applicators.

Men are more knowledgeable today about a healthy lifestyle, are energetic and motivated to achieve and maintain youthful vitality. With the variety of applicator shapes and sizes, the art of Coolsculpt is a tool that can be used to enhance efforts to obtain that "V" shaped, well-defined masculine physique. They can feel great and look amazing at the gym, beach and every day life.


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