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Top 6 Aesthetic Procedures from 2016

Published January 4, 2017 9:41 AM by Mina Grasso

1. Microblading

Microblading for eyebrows, which is also known by a variety of names such as microstroking, feather touch, eyebrow embroidery, 3-D eyebrows and hair-like strokes, has become an increasingly popular form of cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup.

Microblading enhances the appearance of the eyebrows with simulated hairs in areas of missing eyebrow hairs or to create a fuller and more attractive eyebrow shape. Cosmetic tattoo pigment is implanted using a hand tool with extremely fine-gauged needles fused together in a linear fashion to create a more fine and crisp hair stroke.

2. Coolsculpting with the CoolAdvantage

The proprietary CoolSculpting® cutting edge, controlled-cooling technology launched a new family of applicators called CoolAdvantageTM earlier this year. In the past decade, millions of treatments have been performed worldwide. The CoolAdvantageTM applicator with adaptable configuration and enhanced cup design increases direct tissue contact, uses lower temperatures and treats a larger area in nearly half the treatment time, safely and efficaciously. It is a more comfortable treatment with less suction, resulting in lower risk of bruising. This is the one and only FDA-approved procedure to permanently destroy fat cells while leaving normal tissue uninterrupted.

 3. Liquid Facelift

A variety of tissue fillers and collagen activators used to replace volume can be used in combination with a Botox or Dysport to relax dynamic muscles. Liquid facelift can erase fine lines and wrinkles as well as re-contour, reshape and re-position and lift sagging skin. Liquid facelifts can result in a more youthful appearance and eliminate the need for facial surgery.  A non-surgical nose job can be performed in minutes. Asymmetries can be corrected.

4. Kybella

Men and women often complain of disliking their profile due to their undesirable "double chin" or fullness of their neck due to submental and submandibular fat deposits under the chin or jawline. This condition is usually associated with genetics, aging and/or weight gain. It may be seen in patients who are within their ideal weight. The appearance of neck convexity or fullness negatively impacts these individuals, and they are often perceived as heavy or older.

Kybella contains a naturally occurring molecule that destroys fat cells permanently while leaving other tissue unaffected.

5. ThermiVA

ThermiVA is a revolutionary solution to restore feminine youthfulness for our patients who desire cosmetic enhancement of the vulva and have experienced the additional benefits of resolving their incontinence and have reported improved orgasms. Radiofrequency is used to smooth and tighten skin, vaginal mucosa and muscles. Immediate contraction and remodeling of collagen occurs and continues to improve. It is believed that incontinence and sexual function is improved by tightening of the pelvic floor, and the thermal input may stimulate chemotaxis and release growth factors, resulting in angiogenesis and neurogenesis, improving lubrication and sensation. ThermiVA is a non-invasive comfortable procedure that requires absolutely no downtime.

6. Platelet Rich Plasma

A revolutionary procedure gaining popularity in aesthetics, orthopedic surgery and cardiac surgery is utilizing a patient's own rejuvenating properties with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for facial rejuvenation, tissue repair and healing.  PRP is now being used in a variety of aesthetic applications combined with various skin rejuvenation modalities, for scalp rejuvenation for hair loss, scar rejuvenation, the P-Shot (for men) and O-Shot (for women looking for vaginal rejuvenation), improved sexual function, and incontinence.


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