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Visual Dermatology Clinic: Sea the Skin

Published July 10, 2014 12:24 PM by Amy Gouley

This is a photo of a 56 year old male who arrived to our office for a total body skin exam.

Patient was born and raised in Washington with a negative history of skin cancer, both himself and family.
Patient enjoys sailing and boating and has spent numerous years outdoors.
The patient has a Fitzpatrick type 2 and admits to several "blistering burns."
His skin exam was unremarkable, two actinic keratosises were frozen on his face.
Upon examination of his foot was this (see photo right):

As I approached the spot closer with my dermscope and asked, "how long have you had this spot?"
I realized it was a sea shell stuck to his foot!
I have never been so happy and both the patient and I immediately started laughing.
I plucked the shell from his skin, "I went clamming yesterday," reported the patient.
The shell sat on my desk for a week as I shared the case and exchanged smiles with our staff.


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