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Finding Inspiration in the Holidays

Published December 10, 2013 2:11 PM by Linda Pierce

As the holiday season approaches it has become clear to me that "Yes, Linda, there is a Santa Claus." Registering for the winter semester it was mentioned by my advisor that in May my clinical time begins. This day has seemed to be off in a distance for so long. Honestly speaking, at one point it was looking to be out of my reach and now only one semester separates my journey into the next place.

Being a student over the past 1.5 years has challenged so many areas of my life. It has seemed the entire summer went by with my head in a book or behind a computer screen. Knowing that the end is in sight gives hope.

Each class has also been unique in its own manner and has pushed me to apply every ounce of energy available. It would be so much simpler if school was the only task in my life. I also am a pediatric clinical leader in my hometown hospital and have been trying hard to get items implemented on our unit that will allow for better assessment of the children that come in.

I have always felt the need to achieve one more thing in life. I find not setting goals in your life is an easy way to not apply yourself. If each day went by and didn't have direction it would be simple to accept the status quo and go forward.

Becoming a nurse practitioner is the push forward that drives me. I want to be able to make a difference in a person’s life and know that all of the struggles and lack of sleep have been worth it.

My mother has always been a great inspiration to me. She obtained her LPN degree and with children she went back to obtain her ADN degree. She always was striving to have more knowledge and become a better caregiver. Knowing her time was coming to an end due to terminal cancer she continued to brighten our days with stories and desires for our lives. She never wanted any of her girls to settle for anything less that what they wanted to obtain.

My father also passed away a few years ago with terminal cancer and even today I can still hear him talking to me about where my career will take me. I shared with him the desire to help others and open a free clinic at some point. I know in his own fatherly way he would be proud.

This blog was written with inspiration from my Mom and Dad, Margaret and Harvey Spurlin, may they rest in peace.

In conclusion this month, my thoughts for you are to take some time to reflect on why you are where you are in this journey. Each person follows a dream, a course or a bigger aspiration for more and over the holiday season I hope you will take some time to sit and enjoy the lights, tinsel and mistletoe ... NO TEXTBOOKS ALLOWED.

Happy holidays to all. See you next year.



We seem to be on the same clinical schedule. I completely understand and agree. My nose is finally out of the books for a little bit to enjoy friends and family and of course celebrate the real reason for the holiday. Thank you Jesus!

Mitsi December 16, 2013 9:52 PM

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