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First Year NP

Licenses, Contracts and Hospital Privileges: Oh My!

Published September 26, 2013 4:00 PM by Katrin Moskowitz
While I await my boards I have been compiling all of the necessary papers that are needed for purposes of licensing. With this also comes making a list of all of the fees that come with this. Although I will be receiving CME funds at the beginning of the year, my initial applications will all come out of pocket for me. Ready for the list?
  • Connecticut APRN License Application: $200
  • Connecticut Controlled Drug License Application: $40
  • DEA Number Application: $730 (ouch)
  • Hospital Credentialing fee: $200
  • NPI Application: FREE!

So all of this money is out before I even start work! If you have the opportunity to set aside money now, please do so. With all of these applications comes the waiting game. Once boards are completed I have to wait for the official notice from AANP in order to apply for my CT NP license. My license can take 1-2 months. I cannot apply for anything else until I have my license in hand. Did I mention I am not very good at waiting? Time to pick up some extra shifts in the ER as an RN as I wait and save to pay for all of these applications!

I did receive my final employment contract to sign. I am in no way well-versed in contracts and the interpretation of them. They are however a staple in the world of the NP as I have learned. I have had to sit down and, section by section, figure out what the next two years of my life will entail.

Depending on the setting and who the NP ends up working for, these contracts I am sure can run from simple to super detailed. I did find certain aspects of coverage very interesting. For instance: your obligations upon finishing a contract, getting out of contract and of course salary and benefits. Don't ever be afraid to clarify items or even have the contract amended.

Next order of business? Application for hospital privileges. Because I will be working for a hospital affiliated physicians group I have to be credentialed through the hospital. Enter paper packet number two. They really should have told us in school that applying for everything feels like signing mortgage paperwork; it is endless and overwhelming to say the least! I currently have a start date at my job of November 11, 2013. Although it seems so far away, I know that it is necessary in order to complete all of the above.

Until then I am continuing to study, study, study. The more I do the more I feel as though I have so much more to learn! I have self-doubt and nervous energy because so much is riding on this! Then I go into NP mode! If I were my patient what would I do? Perhaps a PPI for my acquired GERD? Perhaps an anti-anxiety medication, one that does not cause sedation? Or maybe just good old fashioned sleep and deep breathing! In the end I just need to trust in myself and know that what will be, will be.


I remembered when I was in school they gave us a quick review of what was acceptable in one of these contracts.  Thank goodness, because the first one I was handed had everything in it that they said to make sure was not in it.  I got out a map and quickly figured out that the radius in which I would not be allowed to work within after leaving their practice was the entire state of MD (where I was living at the time).  I showed it to a NP/lawyer I knew and she told me how to negotiate with them.  This did not work at all, they would NOT negotiate on ANY of the MANY sticking points.  I ultimately did not take that job because of that legal contract!

Keri Murray, APRN November 15, 2013 8:28 AM

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