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First Year NP

The Lull Between RN and NP

Published October 25, 2013 10:31 AM by Katrin Moskowitz
All required packets have been submitted to their respective entities. My immune system has been prepped with a TDAP booster, influenza vaccine and PPD administration. Drug screen was completed and now I have to do what I do not do best: wait.

To keep my mind busy I have been cranking out the hours in the ER as an RN and have also been researching ways to keep myself ready for NP action. Although I am performing nursing tasks, I always do my assessment and think, "What would my NP alter ego do?" I am very fortunate to work with other practitioners who I can clarify why they chose certain treatment paths without worry of feeling sublevel.

There are many different nurse practitioner educational programs available, so I know that clinical experiences can vary and with that, differences in the ability to develop certain skill sets such as suturing, 12 lead EKG interpretation, digital blocks, etc. 

For some, these might be skills that they would prefer not to have to complete, but for me, they are things that will keep my day varied and exciting. I have looked at some adjunctive courses to enhance these skills, but with them come a bit of a cost factor. Again, I am fortunate enough to have an understanding employer that knows that I am still developing these skills and will hopefully have a good preceptor who will show me the ropes. I have looked into obtaining the following additional resources for practice:

Hospital Stat 12 lead EKG tool

Tarascon Procedures

Dermatology DDX Deck

I would love to hear what resources you have used to help get you through your practice!

I have also had the opportunity to think about my long-term future and further educational goals. There is a definite push of NPs completing their doctorate. I had thought at first that I would jump right into the DNP program right at the finish of my MSN, but I am currently education-ed out. I need a hiatus after spending the last 9 years straight in school. Once I feel like I have settled into practice, there is also a definite desire to do some sort of teaching. And this is why I chose to become a family nurse practitioner! So many options out there in the world.

I look forward to finally posting about patient care, the lessons I get to learn and the transition into my new workplace. Until then life still seems pretty much like it always has!


Seth, I am surprised that my husband has not made me sign a contract yet!! I am definitely looking at funding options for the DNP. Hoping to pay for it outright if at all possible.

Katrin Moskowitz November 7, 2013 5:28 PM

I am with you about needing some time off of school before considering a DNP! I graduate Dec 14 and am planning on doing some smaller self study programs, most likely a functional medicine review. My sister made me pinky swear that I'd take at least two years off. I'm pretty sure that's legally binding. Good luck to you!

Seth November 7, 2013 9:31 AM

Hi Steph!!!! I knew you would pass. I am hoping that you are enjoying your new found role in pulmonology. We will have to get together to commiserate on the new aspects of being an NP!!!! We miss you in the ER!!

Katrin Moskowitz November 3, 2013 4:56 AM


Co ngrats!  I just stumbled upon your blog while renewing my Advance subscription.  I just took the AANP test myself two days ago and can definitely sympathize with your test anxiety.  I couldn't bring myself to wait the extra few seconds through the survey and did get the sniffles when I saw my result. I had been picturing a big red or green pass/ fail screen and had to reread my result just to make sure.  When I exited the testing room the proctor must have been confused by my sniffles of joy as he stated, "You did pass, you know." I am still letting the reality sink in after all the hard work and studying and look forward to the challenges the future brings.  Best wishes on your upcoming employment, you are not alone!

Stefanie Westcott, Pulmonary - FNP (pending) October 30, 2013 8:47 PM
New Britain CT

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