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First Year NP

Identity Crisis

Published November 21, 2013 11:41 AM by Katrin Moskowitz

To my surprise, all of my licenses arrived the Friday before my projected start date of November 11. Here is an updated timeline of all of my paperwork endeavors:

  • 09/24 Passed school's comprehensive exam and officially graduated
  • 09/25 Passed boards
  • 10/11 Submitted Ct license application and hospital credentialing packet
  • 10/30 Received Ct APRN license, applied for Ct Controlled Drug License and NPI number
  • 11/2 Approved for Ct Controlled Drug License, Applied for DEA license
  • 11/7 NPI number received
  • 11/8 DEA license received in mail

Unfortunately, I was informed that my employer had not received back my malpractice certificate. Therefore I would not be able to start on Monday. I was assured that it would be "soon", but no definitive date could be given.

To say that I was disappointed was a true understatement. I had to take a different approach and just believe that it would all happen when it was the right time. The call to start came Tuesday afternoon while I was busying myself with household tasks. I was to report to human resources in the morning and start my official journey.

Day 1: I spent my morning taking care of the business portion of employment. I received my badge, filled out my direct deposit forms and then went on for some computer training. Lastly I met the vice president of the hospital to talk about my new membership as part of the medical staff. I then headed over to my group's administrative office and completed fire and OSHA training.

After lunch I was able to head over to the urgent care clinic and meet the staff and tour the facility. The staff was very warm and welcoming and my primary preceptor was eager to show me the ways of the computer system.

Day 2: "Time to see some patients" is the greeting I received when I walked into the door Thursday morning. I was ready, or was I? I started nice and slow. The hardest part for me was navigating a new computer system. I am technically savvy, but I felt clumsy and unorganized in my charting.

My mind also was stuck in clinical mode. I felt the need to report back on each patient that I saw. My preceptor reminded me "you are the practitioner now." Oh yeah! I am! It all really did not sink in until I had to handwrite out a prescription, with my name and my signature. "That's right, I am allowed to do this now!"

It has been difficult to shift my mindset and understand my new role, and I am sure that overtime this will improve and hopefully with it will come a bit more confidence. Later in the afternoon I was also able to meet the other new provider who is a new graduate physician assistant. I knew that we would be orienting together and I was selfishly glad that I would have someone to talk to during this time who knew and could relate to the difficulties I was having.

Day 3: More computer training. Very helpful to become familiar with the program that will help you through the busy times! In the afternoon I spent more time at urgent care meeting new practitioners, a drug rep and receiving my official schedule. I have a set date of independence of Christmas Day. What a present that will be! Trying to learn the lay of the land, one patient at a time, but also tying in all of this to find that inner NP that is waiting to burst out of her seams!


Great Article. ideas ! I am thankful for the information . Does someone know if I might locate a sample SSA SS-5 copy to edit ?

Micha Block June 20, 2016 10:38 PM

Thanks for sharing the chronological time period that things occurred in. I graduate in 6 weeks and already have a job and start prior to graduation. I am so nervous on how long things will take.

Melissa Zimmermann April 4, 2014 4:50 PM

One thing I have found frustrating, that they did not teach us in school is all of the paper work involved in credentialing. It seems in our facility the credentialing staff do not talk to the credentialing staff at the parent hospital and so much paper work is duplicated or needed here but not there.

Liz Van Hooser , Palliative care - NP , Iubmh January 31, 2014 11:05 AM
Muncie IN

LaTeshia! Keep up the strong work, it is so much fun when you are done! I hope that each post will get you through your program and looking forward to your future career

Katrin Moskowitz December 2, 2013 6:03 PM

Wow, what inspiration! !! I am currently enrolled in a FNP and I am looking so forward to my first day!! I love your blogs they will keep me going all the way!! Good luck with your career! :-)

LaTeshia November 28, 2013 5:25 AM

Just like becoming a new nurse, Kat, in time you will find your standing bringing you to a more comfortable level. Always remember YOU ARE CAPABLE! You were a great RN and will be an even better NP! And thank you for posting your blogs, I enjoy reading them and getting a feel for what it's like for you as a new practitioner.

Dawn Irving, Hospice - RN November 26, 2013 7:45 AM

Thank you Brett! I hear that at the end of year one new practitioners feel like they finally know what their place is! Only 11 months to go :)

Katrin Moskowitz November 26, 2013 7:31 AM

Hang in there.  I have been an NP for two years now, and I would say the last 4 months have been where I felt like I was becoming truly comfortable.  Did not mean I was not competent before, but there is a difference between that and comfort.  Anxiety is a good thing early on.  It will keep you sharp and keep you studying.

Brett, House Calls - Acute Care NP November 21, 2013 8:34 PM

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