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First Year NP

Changing Your Outlook

Published January 30, 2014 8:22 AM by Katrin Moskowitz
"Thank you" is one phrase that can change the outlook of your day. Last week while at work the office manager came up to my co practitioner and me. In her hands she held a letter from a patient, thanking the office for the great care that she received. The office manager eagerly asked us to see who saw her and I was surprised to find out that it was me.

I remember the patient well: An elderly patient who lives at home alone with a history of fragile, thin, aging skin. She tripped on the corner of her area rug at home and fell into a door jam, lacerating her forearm. I had briefly met her during my orientation period as she was having previous sutures removed.

Her current laceration was complicated - it had several flaps, was a bit jagged and of course was surrounded by friable skin. I spoke with her, letting her know that I would try as best as I could to put the wound edges back together again but that I was unsure it if would be completely possible. I needed to take my time as any major tugging of the sutures risked pulling right through the skin.

Because of this we had the opportunity to strike up a nice conversation as I placed her thirteen sutures. We talked about the New England weather, her life and family, and how she was enjoying her retirement. In the end the wound came together nicely and we parted ways.

It was nice to know that she appreciated the time and care that I gave. Most of the time I am lucky to hear patients say thank you at the end of their visit. It just feels plain good. I try and pay that same gratitude when I am out and about in the community, often just saying "I appreciate your time," whether I am at the doctor's office or paying for groceries.

Work has continued to go well. We are seeing an influx of positive flu patients and those that have been battling long winded respiratory infections. I am starting to see repeat patients which has also been quite enjoyable.

We had our first provider meeting that included the new PA and I received a lot of positive feedback. We discussed the new coding requirements for ear irrigation and the upcoming deadline to become certified to do DOT physicals. Needless to say it is a class I will be taking in March and yet another computerized certification exam to complete. I really thought I would have a break from that for a little while!!

According to the DOT guidelines, "By May 21, 2014, all certified medical examiners must be on the National Registry database, and drivers must obtain a medical examination from a certified examiner."

After that certification I will start looking for future conferences to attend. Will there be an NP Boot camp? Perhaps a national association's yearly conference? The choices are endless!


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