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First Year NP

A New DNP Student Is Born

Published March 14, 2014 1:58 PM by Katrin Moskowitz
As I write this blog post I am sitting in a small dorm room on top of a mountain in Kentucky on the first day of my DNP orientation. I am back at my educational home: Frontier Nursing University. I will be honest with you in that I did not think that I would be here this soon after graduating.

Post graduate school I had educational burn out. Studying, clinicals, work and family had culminated to a boiling point and I had sworn off school for at least a year. Then a funny thing happened: I got a job which provided a schedule of many days off and my thoughts were, if I had school work to do, I could actually have time to complete it.

I researched a variety of DNP options comparing cost, time and the schools mission. With each category I immediately fell back onto Frontier. It is a hard thing to explain: the community, the history, the passion. It truly is one of those things that you have to experience for yourself. As I get ready to turn in for the night I know that I have come home.

I will be honest with you: I am nervous. This is a different nervousness than I felt when I first came to campus to orient for my FNP program. I was expected to be a clean slate and to learn as I went along.

Because I just graduated this past fall I feel that I really have not gained any expertise as a nurse practitioner. Therefore, how do I know what I want to change in nursing practice? I know that over the next 3 days some of my fears will most likely be eased. I will get to meet some graduating DNP students, sit in to observe their capstone presentations and be paired up with one for a mentor-mentee relationship.

The next 15 months of my life will not be easy, but I know that I will again be adding to my knowledge base and be able to provide patients and my community with excellent care. Ultimately I hope to be a faculty at a school like FNU that will help to cultivate future practitioners.

There is continued mention here on campus that I am now a leader. Eventually I will be looked upon as an expert in my topic for my capstone project. This again is a concept and role that I am not sure fits at the present time. During my journey I hope to seek out other leaders who will serve as role models and who will help sculpt me into the leader that I should one day be. Until then I continue to take in, learn and reflect.

The mountains of Kentucky do something to the soul. This environment here on campus provides a level of serenity that really allows you to think on a different level. The community is humble, the healthcare issues challenging, but all of it allows you to appreciate a different level of insight.


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