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Diversity Impact 2014

Published June 30, 2014 12:03 PM by Katrin Moskowitz

I recently had the opportunity to return to Hyden, Kentucky for their Diversity Impact weekend. This is the second time I have had the privilege to attend and was even more excited to be there as an alumni of Frontier Nursing University.

When I first thought of diversity, my mind automatically jumped to the word minority. I soon found out that diversity can describe both major differences amongst us but can also include the things that we share. Either way, each one of us has the opportunity to bring all of our own diversities to the table in order to learn as both individuals and also as professionals. The weekend included students, both women's health, family and midwifery, graduates and faculty.

The weekend encompassed candid discussions, eye opening exercises and special guests. We had the pleasure of having Kitty Ernst join us who herself worked hand in hand with Mary Breckinridge herself. This woman is a spitfire with a passion for women's health that is indescribable. She reminds me so much of my Oma in Germany and I smile being in her presence.

Mid-weekend we were told that we would be joined by Cristi Turlington Burns. Known for her modeling career she also is an advocate for decreasing maternal and infant death during childbirth around the world. She spoke with us about her organization: Every Mother Counts and showed us video clips about the midwives that were being trained through her fundraising efforts in Haiti. I recommend that you view her documentary: No woman, no cry to understand the plight of birthing women throughout the world.

Being in the mountains of Kentucky allows you to connect with nature, the mission of Frontier Nursing University and humbles you from the soul out. It is always hard to leave as the connections that are made with individuals in such a short amount of time is inspiring. 



To end the weekend the local news station also paid us a visit. Here is a great segment that they were able to put together:

Diversity Impact 2014


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