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September 2007 - Posts

ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses

Nurses Have Names, Too
September 17, 2007 2:51 PM by Karin Lillis
Today, a CNN article caught my eye, "Nurses on picnic help man after gator bites off arm." At first, I was pleased to see national, mainstream media recognizing RNs in any positive capacity. (For full text of the article, go to As I read the article, I learned about the 59-year-old man whose arm was bitten off as he snorkeled in a South Carolina lake. I learned the size and weight of the alligator (12 feet long and 600 pounds), the name of the injured man and even the name of an eye witness. Um, what about the nurses? Nowhere in the story are the names of the nurses mentioned. Without their help, this man's condition would--in all likelihood--been a lot worse when he was transported to the hospital. Granted, news video of the event does name one RN and show her on camera, as some of her colleagues stand behind her. The broadcast piece also identifies them as registered nurses. A link to the story on CNN's main page even calls them CNN Heroes. Failing to identify the nurses, however, underscores the general public's perception that these professionals--vital and critical members in any healthcare system--work invisibly behind the scenes. Recent polls indicate the public trusts nurses as professionals, but have little understanding of what they actually do. I'm reminded of a recent conversation I had with an RN. When she found out I'm a healthcare journalist, she asked me to make sure I always personalize these often-anonymous faces. To illustrate her point, she showed me a newspaper photo naming a prominent physician, assisted by "a nurse," as he performed a groundbreaking procedure. "When you write about us or when you publish our photos, please remember that nurses have names, too," she said, "We don’t go around fluffing pillows. We’re professionals who have to provide compassionate and intelligent care. That takes skills, judgment and good intuition.” With that, I’ll ask one question: How can RNs help the general public understand the valuable, lifesaving care they provide on a daily basis? Read More...
Is Unsafe Shoe Report Just a ‘Crock'?
September 6, 2007 2:25 PM by Abigail Scott
According to the BBC News , a British hospital trust (health system) has cracked down on Crocs , the popular clogs that come in a rainbow of colors and styles. The hospital claims the shoes "might pose a health and safety or infection risk" among the Read More...


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