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ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses

‘Nurse Jackie': Round 2

Published June 15, 2009 1:34 PM by Ainsley Maloney

The second episode of Nurse Jackie airs tonight at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime. (You can catch the preview here).

Many nurses told us they're anxiously awaiting the second episode to determine what direction Nurse Jackie will take: Will it cement the show as featuring a drug-addicted nurse who engages in affairs and unethical practices (and that's about it)? Or will her personal flaws serve as a backdrop to the real action: showing a nurse in a lead role, doing complex nursing work and advocating strongly for her patients?

Only time (and each new episode) will tell.

Related note: Showtime did give real New York ED nurses a chance to preview Nurse Jackie (with positive results; but keep in mind it's part of Showtime's promotion campaign), and to share their real stories from the ED in "Nurse Stories" here. They're definitely entertaining, that's for sure!

There's also a hot debate going on over on our Facebook page with readers torn over what they think of Nurse Jackie.

Sybil Henderson says:

"I liked the ideas of autonomy, mentoring, and [education] that the show is trying to portray of nurses. Finally, we aren't just a doctor's handmaid. I think they could [have] left out the addiction. Ask any nurse, and you'll find we have enough funny things happen to us and around us that we could probably all write our own TV series comedy or drama."I can see how they are trying to portray one of our struggles (a bad back) common to nursing and one nurses way to deal with it (pill popping). However, I do hope they get her into a rehab program. Let's see that side of it. We all pay for these rehab programs for nurses through our license fees and professional membership dues. Let's see how that side works out.

On the other hand, Rebecca Parshall says:

"I disagree... nursing is not about hooking up with other professionals, using your professional position to obtain illegal drugs ... nursing is always portrayed as something very far from what it actually is ... from the gender stereotypes, to the stereotypes with sexual [connotation], there is never a true view to the public of nursing as a profession, this further hinders the progress nurses have made to be recognized as professional occupation."

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posted by Ainsley Maloney


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