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ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses

Take It All Off, Part 2

Published August 11, 2009 2:12 PM by Valerie Newitt

Having just chewed (exactly 25 chews per bite) one half of a green bell pepper and one half of a red bell pepper, I have made a discovery. They don't taste the same. Blindfolded I can tell one from the other. I'm not so sure I could have made that claim last week.

What's the significance, you ask with a shrug.

In my ongoing quest to pare down to my 20-something shape (yes, you can snicker if you want to...) I consulted a "nutrition coach" who happens to be a retired MD and a former university football coach. I asked him, in all seriousness, why I can't whittle myself to my preferred proportions.

Giving him a moment to laugh, I then told him about all the healthy grains and nuts and fruits and veggies and lean meats and fish I eat. In told him how I try to avoid sugar and white carbs. I told him how I sweat 5 days a week in a gym (owned by a trainer who does not believe in air conditioning!) for 45 grueling elliptical/treadmill minutes followed by weight training on intermittent days.

He pretty much told me to put away my violin. He said I could slim down to whatever weight I want by doing two things: Drink more water, and eat less.

Duh. No kidding.

But then this curmudgeon of a coach gave me a couple of practical tips to help me accomplish both. He said every time I feel hungry, drink water first. Period. No trick to it, just do it. He mentioned how his own 99-year-old mother has been doing that every day for the last 70 years and he believes it is her secret to slim longevity. So I've begun.... sloshing as I move about the office.

 His next useful tip was to "chew, chew, chew" my food. He didn't mean just chew enough to swallow, but chew until there is nothing even remotely resembling solid food in my mouth. I tried it, and I have to say it accomplished a couple of things. It made me eat much, much slower, and in turn I ate much less. And while I was on chew No. 19 of that green bell pepper, I realized I never really paid much attention to the flavor before, because in my "past" life I would have already swallowed it. Hey Mikey, I like it! (You have to be a certain age for that one.)

Who ever said you can't teach an "old" (ahem) dog new tricks?



While I am not an ER nurse, I am a registered nurse in Colorado who rnlteecy graduated from nursing school.  In order to be an ER nurse, you only have to be a registered nurse (RN).  Depending on the state you live in, there are two ways to get your RN. You can go to a 2-year college, like a community college and get your RN, or you can go to a 4-year university to get your RN. You do not have to get a separate degree in  children.  The starting pay for a nurse is also dependent on where you live.  In Colorado, a new graduate nurse makes between $21 and $23 per hour, and usually works 12 hour shifts, three days per week. There are also other certifications to consider getting before becoming an ER nurse. These include ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) and TNCC (Trauma Nursing Core Course). All of this will make more sense once you are in nursing school. I think it best to try to find a mentor at your local hospital who is an ER nurse and get advice from them. Good luck!!!

Lorna Lorna, JgUXcSkEDsl - IAvwqaykzS, GGqCesCjJQS April 16, 2013 6:25 AM

That's a wise answer to a tirkcy question

Becky Becky, vKtnkhEQKzWhu - ZFEdKsjBoSRmmRK, gCspRIjvljcDbGR April 12, 2013 7:24 AM
UHobhfrxooEcEUzDbhQ WI

You're right on the "duh" that it makes sense to drink more water and eat less.  But how interesting to chew more; I am going to try that.  

I've heard it before too, to drink water every time you get hungry but I've never disiplined myself to do so.  I'm going to try that too.  

Keep blogging, love your story style of writing. :)

Rene August 20, 2009 7:15 PM
Sarasota FL

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