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Take It All Off, Part 3

Published August 20, 2009 8:47 AM by Valerie Newitt
 Another visit with the former football coach-turned-diet cheerleader is in the bag. And in one week of following his advice of (1) chew, chew, chew, and (2) drink, drink, drink (water only!) -- four pounds disappeared. That doesn't exactly make me the amazing shrinking woman, but it does prove that the coach can kick me into high gear. And the world spins on its axis a little lighter!

So, while I usually greet the coach's somewhat simplistic advice with, "Duh, like I didn't already know that...," I'm rethinking my attitude. Maybe the truth is we all really do already know what to do, but we just hestitate to do it.

During this week's consultation, the coach revealed the brilliant overall game plan he devised just for me: Don't eat too much. DUH!!!!! (old habits die hard ... and I actually pay for this wisdom?) Of course I already knew that was the grand scheme, but the coach offered a "trick" to make it easier to bite off less that I can chew.

"Put your normal portion on your plate. Be happy with what you see. Yummy, yummy. Now slide 1/3 of it to the side and leave it there. Don't eat it," he growled, as playful eyes looked up to see my reaction to his simpleton edict.

I asked, "Wouldn't it just be easier to take less, right from the start?"
"No!" bellowed the coach. "This teaches you that you don't have to clean your plate. This teaches you that you can walk away from temptation. This teaches you that you are in control. Just do it! No excuses! Now get outta here..."

So the funny thing is, since putting this plan into action, whenever I resist leaving the last few bites on the plate, I hear that gravel-coated voice saying, "Just do it!" And, like magic, I do.

Whadda guy...


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